New coronavirus was found on the surface of chicken wings rather than on the outer packaging of chicken wings, and 8 new cases were found in Xinjiang

From 0:00 to 24:00 on August 13, 31 provinces and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 30 new confirmed cases, including 22 imported cases and 8 local cases. On August 12 and 13, Xi’an, Shenzhen and Wuhu successively reported the discovery of new coronavirus after inspection of imported cold and fresh products. It should be noted that a new coronavirus was found on the surface of a frozen chicken wing imported from Brazil in Shenzhen. In the past, the virus was mainly detected on the outer package of imported cold and fresh products.

the global epidemic continues to spread. According to who, many countries have not yet controlled large-scale community transmission. The number of novel coronavirus pneumonia cases in the US is increasing rapidly. In Spain, 4923 cases were newly diagnosed in one day on average in the past seven days, which was higher than the sum of the average number of new confirmed cases in a single day in Britain, France, Germany and Italy; in India, more than 50000 cases were added in a single day for 15 consecutive days, and several political leaders confirmed the infection of new coronavirus.

on August 13, the reporter learned from the office of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of Xi’an city that the Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that a batch of imported Ecuadorian frozen white shrimp was positive in nucleic acid detection of seafood samples collected from Fangxin seafood market in Lianhu District, Xi’an.

the nucleic acid test results of 9 personnel directly contacted with the outer package of frozen white shrimp imported from Ecuador imported from Fangxin seafood market and 20 related staff of No. 8 cold storage were all negative.

the office of Xi’an epidemic prevention and control headquarters reminds the general public to be cautious in purchasing imported frozen meat products and aquatic products in the near future, and pay attention to the following points when purchasing frozen food: first, avoid direct hand contact when buying frozen food; second, disinfect the outer packaging surface with 75% alcohol after purchasing seafood products; third, it is better to use the unique method when storing such products Four, when cutting, we should also pay attention to the separation of raw and cooked food, food should be fully cooked before eating.

on August 11, Longgang District of Shenzhen inspected and tested the imported cold chain food. On August 12, the provincial and municipal centers for Disease Control and prevention reviewed that one frozen chicken wing surface sample imported from Brazil was found to be positive for NCV nucleic acid.

the office of Shenzhen epidemic prevention and control headquarters immediately organized relevant departments to conduct a comprehensive nucleic acid test on the personnel who may contact with the related products. The results were all negative, and the close contacts of positive samples were included in the health management; all the relevant inventory products in the City were sealed and nucleic acid test results were negative, and all sold products were traced and reported to the relevant institutions The external packaging and storage environment of the related products are all killed.

healthy Nanjing wechat official account announced on August 13 that a woman, 20 years old, was from Xuanwu District, Nanjing. Travel in Quanzhou, Fujian Province from August 2 to August 6. Due to the need to leave the country, he went to the second hospital of Nanjing city for nucleic acid test on August 9, and the result was negative; on August 10, he flew to Dalian from Nanjing, and on August 11, he flew from Dalian to Tokyo, Japan. After entering the country, the Japanese health department tested the new coronavirus, and the result was positive. It has been isolated and has no symptoms at present.

recently, there were false rumors on the Internet that the new crown inactivated vaccine could be “ordered”, “sold in the circle of friends” and “purchase application for payment of deposit”, which caused widespread concern.

on August 13, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. announced on its website that we are very grateful for your concern about the research and development and production of new crown inactivated vaccine. At present, our company’s new crown inactivated vaccine is in intensive international clinical trials, and the vaccine products have not been officially launched. Please do not be deceived and continue to take protective measures.

on August 13, Jianghan shelter hospital, the first shelter hospital in Wuhan, officially began to close the cabin and dismantle it. Jianghan shelter hospital was rebuilt from Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center under Zhuoer holding company on February 3, 2020. It began to treat the first batch of patients at 9:00 p.m. on February 5. It is the first shelter hospital in Wuhan. As of March 9, the Jianghan shelter hospital had treated 1848 patients, and 1327 patients had been cured and discharged. It has become the earliest shelter hospital in Wuhan, with the largest number of open beds, the largest number of patients admitted and discharged. After the facilities of Jianghan shelter hospital are demolished, the function of indoor exhibition will be gradually restored.

according to the news agency of Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Trutnev’s office, Russian Deputy Prime Minister and President’s plenipotentiary to the Far East federal region, Trutnev’s first new crown test results were positive. At present, he is undergoing self isolation. If the re examination results are still positive, he will cooperate with the treatment and work remotely.

, August 13th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was held by who. Michael Ryan, who is responsible for health emergency, said that only a small number of people worldwide had new crown virus and had immune memory, and most of the population was still susceptible. There are still many countries that are still dealing with large-scale community-based transmission that has not yet been controlled and should take very strong measures to control the epidemic. There are also countries that have previously brought the epidemic under control again, mainly concentrated infections caused by specific activities. These countries are trying to control the epidemic and avoid a recurrence of community-based transmission.

confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases: 30 cases, 22 cases of imported cases and 8 cases of local cases. The real-time statistics of the

University of Beijing released by US showed that around August 14th, around 6:30 in August 14th, 20739537 cases of new crown pneumonia were accumulated globally, 752051 cases were cumulative deaths, and 82 cases were diagnosed by over 10000 cases.

total 5242184 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were identified in the United States, and 166971 cases died. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in the United States since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, and the number of children infected with the disease has increased rapidly since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak, the latest report of the American Academy of Pediatrics and children’s Hospital Association recently released.

there were 3224876 confirmed cases and 104201 deaths in Brazil. Brazil’s Sao Paulo state governor Joao dolia announced on the 12th that he was positive for the new coronavirus, but he is in good health and is asymptomatic. Doria said he would isolate his home for some time to come. Earlier, 10 Brazilian governors had been infected with the new coronavirus.

there were 53314 confirmed cases and 1086 death cases in Japan. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Okinawa Prefecture is expanding. The local government has transferred the alert level to the highest fourth stage, namely, “infection delay”, and has identified a guideline for controlling outgoing activities, especially after 10 p.m.

there were 905762 confirmed cases and 15353 death cases in Russia. Russia’s first state registered new crown vaccine started its phase 3 clinical trial on December 12. Central Asian countries Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are making research and preparation for obtaining new coronal vaccine from overseas.

there were 2396637 confirmed cases and 47033 deaths in India. Since the beginning of August, many Indian politicians have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here