New product launch of Chanel glamorous Lip Glaze

Chanel has launched a new glamorous and dazzling Lip Glaze. The first super long waterproof Lip Glaze is full of bright color, brilliant makeup effect, moist and comfortable touch, durable waterproof and colorless New Chanel glamour dazzling Lip Glaze, one to meet all your needs for Lip Glaze. The liquid texture melts into the skin, showing a charming smile anytime and anywhere. The lips are shining, soft and comfortable. It takes a long time to make up for a whole day, creating an impeccable ideal makeup effect.

the delicate and easy to melt texture extends smoothly and naturally. Unique waterproof formula, no fear of daily rubbing, farewell to decolorization, halo dyeing. Thin and thin film-forming compound can realize double color locking: the pigment particles can be locked to make the color pure and full; the super dazzling essential oil ingredients can make the luster shine for a long time. With just one wipe, you can feel comfortable like the second layer of skin, and the lasting makeup effect of dazzling color.

bright, rich and gorgeous The formula combines the ultra-fine pigment particles wrapped in the essential oil components to show the full and pure color freely. After application, it will shine for a long time.

while displaying rich colors and dazzling luster, the new Chanel glamour dazzling Lip Glaze also gives the lips a gentle package like moist care and comfortable feeling. Lips are always rich and moist, delicate and tender, moisturizing and not pulling out dry. The complex of Sappan and vitamin E in the formula can build a natural barrier for the lip skin and resist the invasion of external pressure.

unique modeling style, highly recognizable The new Chanel charm glaring Lip Glaze adopts translucent black lacquer body design, which makes the full and shining Lip Glaze Color clearly visible. The matching air cushion brush head with smooth and round lines and soft and comfortable touch can closely fit the lip curve, accurately apply and release the right amount. Make up has never been so easy.