New regulations on reducing students’ burden in Taiyuan: “no homework on weekdays” in primary schools in Taiyuan

No homework on weekdays, proper arrangement of sports and housework In view of the problem that parents and students strongly reflect that primary and secondary school students are overburdened with homework, Taiyuan city has recently issued new regulations to specify that primary and secondary schools should control the total amount of written homework in the future, and the city’s primary schools implement the system of “no homework every week and one day”. According to some parents, at present, many primary schools in Taiyuan have a large amount of homework, and some grades’ homework is more difficult than students’ cognitive ability. For example, lower grade students are asked to participate in questionnaire survey and write experience articles. At the same time, teachers of all subjects arrange homework through parents’ wechat group every day. After school, children don’t know what homework is and they need to ask their parents. In view of these problems, Taiyuan has introduced corresponding measures on the basis of full investigation. Taiyuan City stipulates that in the future, primary and secondary schools by grade group overall planning of the total amount of homework, homework difficulty should not exceed the requirements of the curriculum standards, students’ cognitive level and ability level. In principle, schools do not assign homework through wechat and QQ groups, but return the right and ability to record homework to students. At the same time, Taiyuan will implement the system of “no work every week and one day” in the whole city. It is understood that this system has been implemented in some primary schools before. Feng Hexia, headmaster of Xinjian Road Primary School in Taiyuan, said that the school does not assign homework every Wednesday, and students can take various interest courses, such as creative painting, dough sculpture, paper cutting, opera, swimming, etc. “It not only reduces the burden, but also enriches their interests and hobbies, and improves their comprehensive quality.” Feng Hexia said. The relevant person in charge of Taiyuan Education Bureau said that for the measures to reduce the burden, Taiyuan will strengthen the implementation of the measures, smooth the channels for social reflection, and implement zero tolerance for behaviors that cause excessive academic burden of primary and secondary school students, report them together, investigate and deal with them together, and expose them together. The supervision department of Taiyuan municipal government should put the burden reduction work into the key content of education supervision. The supervision results should be reported once a semester, and the relevant responsible persons who failed to reduce the burden should be interviewed and seriously held accountable. HEALTHY LIFE