New scalp balance series of Ou Shudan let hair release the flavor of nanfa

Since its establishment in 1976, o’shudan, a natural skin care brand originated from Provence, France, has been taking seriously the growth of every plant, the extraction of every raw material, the natural plant ingredients, and the combination of modern high-tech technology to establish the concept of plant skin care. In July 2020, the brand-new scalp balance series was launched. It contains the lavender essential oil of Provence certified by the EU origin name protection. It focuses the energy of plant healing on the scalp, releases the scalp fatigue and pressure, and makes people enjoy spa level luxury and let the hair tip also radiate the natural flavor of South France.

every summer, the purple flower sea of Provence fluctuates with the wind, and the air is filled with the fresh fragrance of lavender, refreshing. In order to maintain the sustainable development of lavender in Provence, o’shudan and 20 local farmers jointly launched the “Lavender Organic Cultivation Plan” to start large-scale planting and conservation activities. From sowing, growth to large-scale harvesting are tracked, from the source of plant protection for long-term high-quality sustainable development. The local lavender is therefore certified by the European Union protection of origin nomenclature. Lavender essential oil can effectively help regulate scalp oil secretion and release pressure completely. However, only 1 kg of precious lavender oil can be extracted from 150 kg of high-quality lavender. Therefore, lavender essential oil of Provence is also known as “purple gold of Provence”.

the brand-new scalp balance series contains rich lavender essential oil from Provence, combined with michellar micron cleaning technology, it can penetrate into the scalp hair follicle, gently clean the grease, help the scalp breathe easily without burden, and make you enjoy spa level luxury of southern France. O’shudan scalp balance conditioner can be directly applied to the scalp and hair, and a wipe of water technology will help natural ingredients easily penetrate the scalp, effectively maintain stability and strengthen scalp health. Not only that, this series of products contain more than 93% of natural ingredients, 0 silicone oil, 0 sulfate, so that consumers can rest assured to experience natural non irritating scalp care products.

please come to unlock the balance series of Ou Shudan scalp to provide all-round protection for your scalp. Let the lavender breath from nanfa stay in your hair and rejuvenate your hair in summer!

it contains more than 93% natural ingredients, no silicone oil, no sulfate, natural mild and does not hurt the scalp. It is the first time to add α – oligosaccharide prebiotics to promote the growth of probiotics, balance the pH value of scalp, maintain the micro ecology of scalp, and cultivate healthy and good scalp. Scalp does not itch, does not redness, does not grow acne, does not dry, does not produce oil.