New US study: smoking e-cigarettes in young people increases the risk of new crown infection by five times

Recently, novel coronavirus pneumonia is a 5 times risk of new crown pneumonia among young smokers who smoke electronic cigarettes, and a 7 times higher risk of infection with cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, a recent study by researchers from Stanford University has shown. Their study was published in the August 11 issue.

according to Stanford University, the study, based on an online survey of young people aged 13 to 24 in the United States in May 2020, is the first study to use collected American data to study the health effects of e-cigarettes on young people during the new epidemic.

“novel coronavirus pneumonia is a risk for young people to smoke, if you smoke electronic cigarettes, it will cause damage to your lungs,” he said. Bonnie Halpern felsher, a pediatrics professor who led the project, warned young people. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not currently evaluated by the US population, according to

‘s authors. In novel coronavirus pneumonia, a study was conducted in May 2020 by lack of information about the smoking status of young smokers.

4351 young people aged 13-24 years from different regions of the United States participated in the survey. The number of e-cigarette smokers and participants who never smoked e-cigarettes was almost equal. The researchers also ensured the balance of gender, race and other indicators.

participants were asked whether they had ever smoked cigarettes or e-cigarettes and whether they had smoked in the last 30 days. Thereafter, novel coronavirus pneumonia related symptoms, whether they have tested the new crown virus and the results of the test were further answered.

survey showed that novel coronavirus pneumonia was 5 times more risk for young smokers who smoked electronic cigarettes, while young smokers who smoked cigarettes and electronic cigarettes were 7 times more likely to be infected. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the probability of being tested for new crown and the risk of associated symptoms were higher than those of non smokers, 6.8 times, 9 times and 4.7 times of those who smoked cigarettes and electronic cigarettes in the past 30 days.

in particular, the researchers noted that young people who have only smoked cigarettes may have symptoms and are required to have a new crown test. However, smoking electronic cigarettes and smoking both kinds of cigarettes can aggravate the diagnosis of young people with new crowns. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not associated with the increased risk of young people infected with new crown pneumonia, but the author has made some conjectures in the paper,

study. First, nicotine and other harmful chemicals in e-cigarettes can cause lung damage. Previous studies have shown that e-cigarettes are as harmful to the lungs as cigarettes. In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia spreads through the hands and ears and hands of the virus, while the electronic smokers often repeat the action. At the same time, young e-cigarette users often share the same e-cigarette equipment, thus increasing the risk of infection.

Halpern felsher said in an interview with CNN that they expected that smoking electronic cigarettes would increase the risk of young people infected with new crowns, but did not expect the impact to be so large.

ana Mar í a rule, an assistant professor in the Department of environmental health and engineering at Johns Hopkins University, said in an interview with the verge that previous studies have shown that e-cigarettes have long-term and chronic effects on people’s health. The innovation of this study is that it confirms that e-cigarettes may be harmful to health in the short term. The novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, was released to the US Food and Drug Administration on, the US House of Representatives oversight and Reform Commission’s Subcommittee on economic and consumer policies, to urge the company to suspend electronic cigarette trading during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the

said on the day of its research.

Krishnamoorthi said in his novel coronavirus pneumonia, which he submitted to FDA on April 2020 1, was the result of an early study of the impact of electronic cigarette smoking on the infection of new crown pneumonia among young people. He also called the FDA to ask him to suspend e-cigarette trading during the outbreak, but the FDA rejected his request because of insufficient evidence. He believes that the FDA’s move has caused irreparable damage to the United States in the past four months. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a risk factor for young people to smoke electronic cigarettes, according to

‘s research led by Stanford University. Just this month, the United Nations health agency released data showing that the proportion of young people infected with the new coronavirus tripled from February to July. As a result, krishnamourthi urged the FDA to take immediate action.

“young people are accelerating the spread of the new coronavirus, threatening the health and safety of Americans of all ages.” Krishnamourthi wrote in the letter.

also mentioned that novel coronavirus pneumonia detection waste is a waste of electronic cigarette smokers to some extent, Krishnamoorthi said.

“novel coronavirus pneumonia”, as the national research confirms our biggest worries, I would like to call on FDA to clean up all the electronic cigarette market during the new crown pneumonia outbreak. This is the only responsible approach. ” Krishnamourthi stressed in his letter. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE