Nine into treasure mother postpartum back pain, the main culprit is a few bad habits in the period of childbirth, three moves to teach you to avoid it

Many pregnant mothers thought that the suffering of pregnancy would end after the birth in October, but what they didn’t expect was that they would face more physical torture. Postpartum low back pain is the most prominent one.

Qianqian was entangled with postpartum low back pain just three months after her birth, which made her very puzzled. She clearly attached great importance to self-cultivation from the beginning of pregnancy, and the pregnancy period was a taboo. She didn’t dare to touch it. However, she could prevent thousands of precautions. How could she still not escape from postpartum lumbago?

Qianqian’s husband has always been a model husband in the eyes of her friends. When she was in pain there, she often gave her a massage without saying a word. However, the comfort was on Qianqian’s body, and there was a thorn in her mother-in-law’s eyes. The mother-in-law, who was in love with her son, said that Qianqian was suffering from self infliction. She wanted to love beauty and not pay attention to keeping warm, so she was blown to her waist by the wind and fell into the moon disease.

after listening to her mother-in-law’s comments every day, Qianqian is embarrassed to ask her husband to help massage her. But when she is in pain, she always thinks: is this really blown by the wind?

according to the data, about 90% of Baoma mothers in China have different degrees of postpartum low back pain. However, the older generation and the younger generation hold different views on the causes of this phenomenon:

experts pointed out that when producing anesthetics, they would be hit from the lumbar spine, which may cause slight damage to the waist muscles and ligaments, but they can return to normal in a week That is to say, as long as the attention needs, at most in the postpartum pain for a week, and will not lead to persistent pain.

low back pain is indeed one of the birth diseases we often talk about. Experts say that if a woman doesn’t sit well in her confinement, it will indeed cause low back pain. In particular, if she does the following things during the period of confinement, she will probably come to her home.

according to the traditional conception of confinement, mothers should take more rest, and it is better not to walk out of bed, otherwise they will consume physical strength, which is not conducive to postpartum recovery. Therefore, many Baoma spend most of their time in bed.
long term lying down is not conducive to the recovery of muscle function.

especially for breast-feeding mothers, sometimes they don’t sit up and feed on their side directly in order to save effort. However, for a long time, this will easily lead to lumbar bending, causing strain of lumbar muscles, aggravating the injury to the waist, and the back pain will naturally be entangled.

many pregnant mothers feel that they are almost recovered, so they start to do housework. However, if they bend down for a long time or need to exert strength from the waist, it is easy to damage the related muscles, which is not conducive to their recovery, or even aggravate the degree of injury, and then low back pain will naturally occur.

there are also some Baoma who are eager to get back in shape and use corset too early and too much. However, this will make the waist muscles not get enough time to rest and keep tight, thus leading to more and more severe low back pain.

generally, natural birth mothers can get out of bed six days after delivery and walk indoors the next day, while cesarean section mothers should move slowly with the help of their families on the second day after delivery. 08/16/2020