Ningxia to realize the full coverage of Vice Principals and counselors of the rule of law in primary and secondary schools

The reporter learned from the press conference of Ningxia’s “Seventh Five Year Plan” law popularization work and the 2020 “constitution propaganda week” activity arrangement, Ningxia has built 15 practice bases of rule of law education for teenagers at all levels, trained 1807 teachers of primary and secondary school rule of law, and realized the full coverage of deputy school directors and counselors of the rule of law in primary and secondary schools. “< p > < p >” the vice president of the rule of law has extensively participated in the publicity of law popularization, the education and teaching of legal courses, and the management of public security in schools, and effectively safeguarded the safety of the campus. ” Wang Jianping, member of the Party group and deputy director of the Ningxia Education Department, said that recruiting excellent teachers and students with legal basis to form a volunteer team of legal education, and carrying out law guidance courses, special education, and parent lectures for teachers and students, which played a positive role in preventing and reducing juvenile students’ crimes.

at the same time, Ningxia relies on the Internet plus education demonstration area to carry out the project of “Internet plus education popularization of law”, making full use of the Internet and new media, and promoting the attraction and coverage of the popularization of law through the way of cloud school, 6.26 class and the establishment of a law popularization column. In addition, Ningxia has also built a “safety education platform” to realize the informatization and modernization of school safety education in Ningxia; it has carried out “rule of law into campus” tour activities throughout the region, relying on the “court trial open day” and “procuratorial open day”, organized students to attend the court trial and understand the work process and work content of judicial organs on the spot; and cooperated with other parties to build a youth legal education base To effectively play the role of the second classroom of youth legal education. Up to now, all kinds of publicity activities on the rule of law at all levels have entered 1779 primary and secondary schools in Ningxia, and more than 170000 copies of legal brochures have been distributed, reaching more than 850000 people, which has effectively promoted the enthusiasm of young students to learn and abide by the law. 08/16/2020