“No.1 stomach nourishing king”! Take one pill before meals to relieve stomach pain and inhibit Helicobacter pylori!

If you have no appetite for light food, you like to eat spicy and exciting food. If you eat greasy, heavy oil and salt every day, coupled with irregular work and rest and lack of exercise, your stomach and intestines have already been scarred and unbearable.

as the saying goes, there are ten stomach diseases and nine diseases, and the incidence rate of stomach diseases in Chinese people reaches 85%. Moreover, stomach disease is generally younger, most young people will have gastrointestinal discomfort, usually have stomach pain, vomiting, acid reflux, gastric ulcer, acute gastritis or wake up in the middle of the night.

old stomach diseases recur and fail to heal for a long time, and they slowly become gastric cancer. Don’t think that gastric cancer is far away from you. Gastric cancer is the second largest cancer in China, and half of gastric cancer in the world is in China.

stomach disease is different from other diseases and needs to be well cared for. Today, I would like to recommend to you this kind of superoxide dismutase (SOD) of American Nobel guard gate, which integrates 5 kinds of symptomatic natural extracts, the active ingredients of 100% plant extraction, and the patented gene targeting technology.

modern people have a fast pace of life and a lot of work pressure. When they eat in a hurry, they use takeout to solve the problem. As time goes on, they will have insufficient gastric power, dyspepsia, and have no appetite for eating. They will soon be full after eating a little bit, and their stomachs will be bloated if they eat more.

the clove in the guard door has long been known as the “king of natural stomach nourishing”. Eugenol in clove flower bud can effectively enhance gastric motility, promote digestion and effectively relieve gastric flatulence.

take a guard every day before meals. After eating for a period of time, the stomach distension and dyspepsia are greatly improved, and the appetite for eating is also good, and everything tastes delicious.

Chinese do not eat separately, and they eat vegetables with each other. Usually, one person in the family is infected, and almost all the family members will be infected. According to the survey, the infection rate in China is as high as 59%, and almost one out of every two people is infected.

Lactobacillus peptide is a kind of natural antibiotic. Its simple peptide structure can directly enter the cell membrane. Because of the potential difference, it can kill the designated bacteria. In the human body for 3 to 5 hours, it can effectively reduce the activity of Helicobacter pylori, inhibit the adsorption and growth of Helicobacter pylori, improve the protection and reduce the chance of virus infection.

taking the guard door for a long time will destroy the protective layer of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach and compete with Helicobacter pylori for the attachment space of gastric mucosa, which makes Helicobacter pylori lose the survival advantage and effectively inhibit Helicobacter pylori.

according to traditional Chinese medicine, stomach diseases can be divided into three parts by treatment and seven points by nourishment. There are many side effects of taking medicine, which can only stimulate the intestines and stomach and cause more damage. It is the real method of protecting the stomach to nourish the stomach with mild dietotherapy.

the effective components from French muskmelon, Indian clove flower bud, fennel and red amaranth are extracted from the door. They are rich in various active substances for nourishing the stomach. With high concentration of extraction, the patent coating is not corroded by gastric acid, which effectively solves the stomach problems.

the guard door extracts the effective components of French muskmelon. This kind of muskmelon is cultivated only by Avignon in France. It contains high content of SOD and has a variety of medicinal properties.

sod is a superoxide dismutase. It is one of the most important enzymes to inhibit inflammation. It can quickly move to the body’s inflamed parts and actively clean up free radicals, instead of circulating to all parts of the body through blood circulation.

polyphenols are extracted from flower buds of Syringa oblata, which can prevent the formation of gastric ulcer, and can be used for vomiting, abdominal pain, and relieving gastric distension.

Foeniculum vulgare extract is pungent and warm in nature, has the functions of warming the kidney and dispersing cold, harmonizing the stomach, regulating qi and strengthening the stomach. It can mildly stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, relieve stomach pain, and help the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of food.

red amaranth also contains oxalate nitrate, which can increase nitric oxide, release muscle relaxant, accelerate food movement, make gastrointestinal digestive system work normally, and help gastrointestinal digestion and absorption of food.

adhere to a guard door before meals every day. After taking it, it can strengthen the defense mechanism of gastric mucosa, repair and nourish the damaged gastric mucosa, and provide intimate protection for gastric mucosa.

a microcapsule is a kind of tiny hollow spherical body extracted from lipid-like substances, such as soybean lecithin. Like a sandwich, the water-soluble substance is wrapped in the center of the sphere, while the oil-soluble substance is sandwiched in the skin membrane layer of the ball. Your name will always exist on the Internet