No matter how busy a woman is, she should be better to herself. With these three kinds of boiled water, it’s easier and more effective to make up in cold weather and autumn

There are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women, even plain face can see a good look, and in recent years, my friends are used to using some simple ingredients to make some simple food therapy soup, such as jujube, donkey hide gelatin, bird’s nest, tremella, lotus seed, snow clam and so on, when it’s cold in autumn Common ingredients. < / P > < p > on weekdays, I always bring my own thermos cup, which is filled with some scented tea, soup and so on. After all, when a woman is 35 years old, her metabolism slows down and her Qi and blood have to keep up. Even if she doesn’t make up, her body can be well conditioned and her complexion looks great, which saves a lot of money on skin care products. < / P > < p > tonifying qi and blood can be done with some common ingredients around, but we should stick to it. Recently, the temperature in Guangdong has begun to differ from each other in the morning and evening. For the female friends of office workers, the thermos cup has come into use again. If there are all kinds of health pots at home and in the office, it will be more convenient. You don’t have to eat bird’s nest often. After all, bird’s nest is expensive, and it’s not everyone’s idea to reflect the nutritional value of bird’s nest. < / P > < p > for the recipe I shared today, I recently spent 20 minutes every day to prepare it. When it’s cooked, I put it in a thermos cup, one cup a day. Later, even if it’s cold, I won’t be afraid of lack of Qi and blood, cold hands and feet. Starting from now on, it’s simple and effective! < / P > < p > 1. Prepare the ingredients. I call it “three red soup” because there are only three ingredients. Jujube, do not introduce more, three jujubes a day, look not old. Black beans are rich in selenium. In fact, like many red foods, black beans also have good nutrition for blood supplement. In addition, I prepare some brown sugar. On those inconvenient days every month, I drink some brown sugar water to warm my stomach and body. Black beans are hard and similar to red beans. It’s better to soak black beans for 3 hours or more in advance. Generally, I soak the beans well in the evening and get up early the next day to cook, which saves time and improves efficiency. < / P > < p > 3. Preparing a small soup pot or casserole can reduce the loss of water volatilization. Put the black beans and red dates into a small casserole and cook for about 15-18 minutes. Soaked black beans are easy to cook. When the black beans are boiling and blooming, add the prepared brown sugar into the casserole, boil the brown sugar, adjust the sweetness you like, turn off the fire and drink it when it is slightly warm, or put it into a thermos cup like me, with one cup every day, you can supplement it anytime and anywhere. < / P > < p > to replenish qi and blood, in fact, the ingredients don’t need to be particularly complex and expensive. If you insist on doing one thing every day, you can see the effect. Careful calculation, this cup of three red soup costs less than 2-3 yuan, much cheaper than bird’s nest. Stewing bird’s nest pays attention to time and temperature, but the three red soup is not difficult, simple and effective. No matter how busy a woman is, she should love herself well. Stick to it! < / P > < p > the kitchen of black cat, the original author of food column, the original picture and text, the theft of pictures must be investigated! Share with you the details of daily home cooking and three meals a day, live seriously and have a good meal! PARRENT&CHILDREN