Nobel’s great discovery: it’s not food and exercise that determine the length of life, but

People once paid attention to the way of longevity, that is: reasonable diet accounts for 25%, others account for 25%, and the role of psychological balance accounts for 50%. < / P > < p > psychological research found that: when a person is in a rage, the body produces enough stress hormones to kill mice. Therefore, “stress hormone” is also called “toxic hormone”. < / P > < p > also said: “all diseases are caused by Qi. Anger leads to Qi rising, happiness leads to Qi slowing, sadness leads to qi stagnation, shock leads to Qi disorder, and labor leads to Qi consumption… ” Therefore, the heart should be treated first. < / P > < p > Modern Medicine found that: cancer, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, peptic ulcer, irregular menstruation, 65% – 90% of human diseases are related to psychological depression. Therefore, this kind of disease is called psychosomatic disease. < / P > < p > if people are restless, angry, nervous and so on all day long, the level of stress hormone will remain high for a long time, the human immune system will be suppressed and destroyed, and the cardiovascular system will become particularly vulnerable due to long-term overwork. < / P > < p > when people are happy, the brain will secrete dopamine and other “beneficial hormones”. The beneficial sex hormone makes people feel relaxed and happy. This kind of good state is very comfortable both physically and mentally. It can coordinate and balance various functions of the human body and promote health. < / P > < p > new research shows that “strong sense of purpose” is good for health. Because whether there is pursuit in life determines a person’s mentality, and then determines his physical condition. < / P > < p > after retirement, middle-aged and elderly friends can go to senior university to learn calligraphy, dancing, singing, painting and so on, so as to keep their brain active. < / P > < p > researchers found that giving others “material” help can reduce the death rate by 42%; giving others spiritual support can reduce the death rate by 30%. < / P > < p > because of being kind to others and doing good deeds, the heart will produce an indescribable sense of happiness and pride, which will reduce the level of stress hormones and promote the secretion of “beneficial hormones”. < / P > < p > two psychology professors in the United States have accumulated 20 years of research and found that “interpersonal relationship” is the first determinant of life expectancy. They say relationships may be more important than fruits and vegetables, regular exercise and regular physical examination. < / P > < p > interpersonal relationship includes not only the relationship with friends, but also the relationship with family. Therefore, family harmony, get along with friends is one of the secrets of longevity! < / P > < p > when we smile at others, they also smile. Whether you are with friends or chat with old classmates on wechat, remember to keep smiling and be friendly. < / P > < p > the friendliness includes praise, humor, smile, respect, comity, easygoing, tolerance, forgiveness, understanding, sympathy, loyalty, listening, etc. Only in this way, we can harvest the friendliness of others, and our mood will be better! < / P > < p > someone has done such an experiment: after the liver of an animal is removed, the portal vein that should have entered the liver is directly connected with the abdominal artery, and the heart will immediately swell and the venous blood will accumulate, and the animal will soon die. It can be seen how important the liver is in regulating the blood circulation. < / P > < p > emotion is human instinct, but in the competitive living environment, people’s mental pressure will naturally increase, so a variety of negative emotions will often affect people’s health. < / P > < p > Professor Hao Wanshan said: “you see a lot of people, complain everywhere, and you don’t like everything. How does the country look like this, how does the society look like this, how does the unit look like this. When I get home, I complain. How do my family look like this? Complaining is a negative emotion. ” < p > < p > Professor Hao Wanshan also said: “now, according to the World Health Organization, more than 90% of diseases are related to emotions. Hey, as long as we control our emotions well, we can not get sick, not seriously ill, less ill and later ill. ” < / P > < p > to nourish the heart, to meditate, to cultivate the mind, and to regulate the consciousness and emotion is a common sense of health preservation in itself, but it is a pity that it is not paid attention to by everyone, so there are “stomach diseases that can not be cured” and “pharyngitis that accompanies the whole life”. < / P > < p > peace of mind leads to peace of mind, peace of mind leads to health, and peace of mind leads to fewer diseases. Kinetic energy generates Yang. If Yang Qi is vigorous and accessible, Qi and blood will flow smoothly, muscles will be plump and muscles will be strong. HEALTHY LIFE