Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been fighting for more than 6 months in a 9 year old boy in the United States.

According to CNN, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been fighting against Eli Lipman, 9, and his father since March. He said the life of a “coach driver” is not easy.

Eli told us through CNN: “friends, I’m sorry to say that, but it’s a big deal. It can cause harm. You have to face the truth: sometimes it makes me feel bad. ” The novel coronavirus pneumonia,

Eli and his father Jonathan Lipman, are increasingly being seen as a group of “long-distance transporters” who are diagnosed with new crown pneumonia for several months. Despite the study, novel coronavirus pneumonia is at a low risk of childhood onset.

Eli described that he felt pain and fatigue all over his body and felt as if he had been “hit on the wall.”. Despite his fatigue, Eli said he couldn’t sleep. “My physical reaction was so bad that I couldn’t sleep,” he said

Lipman is still fighting these symptoms. Most mornings, he says, he wakes up with pain, just like when he has a shoulder injury. He would be out of breath when he went up the stairs, and could not even cook dinner for his family as he usually did, because he would fall asleep.

novel coronavirus pneumonia William Li, who is studying the symptoms of new crown pneumonia, said that although there are still many things to study, I think the problem may involve blood vessels.

Li said: “it’s important to keep talking to your doctor, and the doctor needs to listen to the patient patiently. There’s something happening in front of us, and as researchers and doctors, we need to work with our patients to fight the disease. ” 08/17/2020