Nowadays, people’s health care is so wrong that they don’t even have an introduction. It’s a waste of time

From the loss of innocence to the reconstruction of innocence, and then to understand what is true in the world, we can understand that the law of heaven and earth is the basis for people to live in the world, and only by harmonizing Yin and yang can we avoid getting sick. Who can understand this? < / P > < p > it is obvious that ordinary articles and videos are scattered exposition of medical principles, but most people still can not get started. The reason is that children lose their innocence. When they grow up, they start from tangible material interests and can’t start from the invisible. Therefore, they don’t know the origin and are limited by the intermediate process. This is the reason why they are trapped. < p > < p > everything is produced from the invisible, from the tangible performance. Can’t find invisible is not to know the origin, of course, the tangible performance is right or wrong, it is impossible to know, how to manage is even more difficult. < / P > < p > the above problems have been well solved in paid live broadcasting. So that readers will find that health preservation is the first to reshape the world outlook, sort out life attitude, rebuild thinking, correct living habits, and then understand the principles of medicine. This also explains a problem, why it is not easy to understand the article of Neng’s, why the article does not talk about a lot of medicine and diet prescriptions, and why it focuses on health preservation instead of treatment. To speak vernacular means that people lose themselves, so they get sick and suffer many disasters. When I asked where I came from in my childhood, I was cheated by my mother that the baby tree was picked. This is the tangible outlook on life. In the inner meridian Lingshu meridians, Huangdi said, “human beings are born first, and then essence is formed, and brain marrow is born, bone is stem, pulse is camp, tendons are rigid, flesh is wall, skin is firm and hair is long, grain enters stomach, pulse channels are connected, and blood gas is the line.” The essence here is invisible. First there is essence and then there is body, which means that it is invisible before visible. But who can understand? The reason why you don’t understand is that you don’t know the origin of the world. In other words, people do not know what Yin and yang are. Yin yang fish is only the acquired visible Yin and Yang, not the origin of yin and Yang. If we don’t explore the origin, we don’t know what we are born with, and we can’t base ourselves on nothingness. If you can’t stand on nothingness, of course, you can’t have truth. Therefore, if you study the principles of Internal Classic, you will eventually understand mistakes. The most obvious mistake is to have more desire, which is commonly known as greed. How can we get into health preservation? < / P > < p > the first item of health preservation is abstinence, so it’s hard to get started. It’s wrong to think that you want to make a lot of money, but you don’t want to get sick. People can be rich, but they can’t be forced. After all, the conditions and personal talents are limited. How can we infinitely ask for more money? When I had this idea, I was doomed to be ill and ill. You’re right. Health preservation can avoid disasters, but not only illness, but also disasters. But this is not divination, this is Daoism. Neijing is a medical principle based on Taoism, which is different from traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine based on visible. < / P > < p > more than that, it’s hard to help people get started. It’s not that the author can’t, but that the world can’t remember the past and can’t restore the innocence of the child as before. Due to the fragmentary of ordinary articles, it’s difficult to get through. < p > < p > authentic medicine involves dealing with people and correcting problems, not simply treating diseases. A fool is a person who works hard to earn money and gets sick, and then spends a lot of money to send the doctor for treatment. His illness is not always cured, and he often regrets when he is terminally ill. What did you do early? In order to solve this problem, the core of the problem is to be good at health. Of course, only the wise understand it, only the simple accept it. If you have to focus on the treatment of diseases, it is useless to raise them. Those who are uneasy can’t keep healthy, those who expect to spend money can’t keep fit, and those who talk about ghosts and gods can’t keep fit. < / P > < p > pay live broadcast is a collection of all my professional content, all of which are linked together to talk about it. It can be said that it is the best way to learn comprehensively. The column focuses on one aspect, because the scope of specific issues is limited, and it is impossible to finish all at once. Therefore, paid live broadcasting is like listening to storytelling. It can be complete from the beginning to the end. It can be found in the live menu on the home page, < A= target=_ blank>BEAUTY&SKIN CARE