Obesity can’t just look at weight! Canadian new clinical guidelines warn doctors

For a long time, people think that losing weight is “eating less and exercising more”. However, the newly released clinical guidelines in Canada point out that the treatment of obesity should pay more attention to the root causes of obesity, especially the discrimination against obese people.

the guidelines also suggest that doctors should not only give advice on diet and exercise, but also pay attention to the root causes of obesity and look at health issues from a holistic perspective.

the guideline, published on August 4, warns against discrimination against obese patients in the health care system.

simina Ramos Salas, one of the authors of the guidelines and director of research and policy at the Canadian obesity organization, said studies have shown that many doctors discriminate against obese patients, and that discrimination can worsen health, regardless of the patient’s weight.

the obesity rate in Canada has tripled in the past three decades, and now about a quarter of Canadians are obese, according to Statistics Canada.

although the latest guidelines still recommend body mass index and waist circumference as diagnostic criteria, the guidelines recognize the limitations of clinical treatment and say doctors should pay more attention to how weight affects a person’s health.

the guidelines point out that slight weight loss can improve health, and that the “optimal weight” of an obese person may not be their “ideal weight” based on their body mass index.

Ms. Ramos Salas said: “we have long associated obesity with lifestyle Obesity has been associated with a lot of stigma and blame in the past

this guideline does not simply recommend that obese patients “eat less and move more”, but encourages doctors to provide support such as psychotherapy, drug treatment and gastric bypass surgery.

doctors should ask permission to discuss a patient’s weight and focus with the patient on meaningful health goals, not just to make them eat less. 08/17/2020