Obstetric documentary “birth gate”: the placenta retention, which is 100 times more painful than natural labor, is the shadow of life

Xiao Xiaoping, 24 years old, had placenta retention after birth. The obstetrician of the county hospital tried several times to remove the placenta, but all failed, so she was transferred to Central South Hospital.

after receiving the doctor’s consultation, the doctor issued a notice of critical illness and asked the family members to pay for it. The first clamping of placenta failed, and the amount of bleeding increased, which also caused intrauterine infection. The doctor stopped sending the patient to ICU in time.

facing the high cost, Xiao Xiaoping’s husband, a little green boy, firmly said: “money is not a problem, according to the best treatment.”

after she was transferred to the general ward, Xiao Xiaoping had a high fever and was in critical condition. The doctor and her family members were in a dilemma as to whether to continue clamping or to remove the uterus directly.

she was pushed into the operating room again. If the placenta clamping failed this time, she would have to have her uterus removed. Xiao Xiaoping was very worried and afraid. However, her husband who knew everything was red eyed and choked: “no matter how we say it, we will not separate.”

there was no anesthesia during the whole operation. It lasted for two hours from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and the doctor kept scraping and gripping with forceps. Xiao Xiaoping was pale throughout the whole process and had no strength to shout. When the pain was too much, she just repeated “you caught me.”.

once a pregnant woman has placenta retention, she must take out the placenta through external force, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable. The process of taking placenta can be called human purgatory, which is a hundred times more painful than natural childbirth. It is not too much to say that the pregnant mother will leave a “life shadow”.

pregnant mothers are in poor health and weak physique – after giving birth to the fetus, such pregnant mothers will be unable to avoid the placenta through their own efforts due to the premature closure of the uterus due to lack of physical strength.

the placenta has a peculiar shape and is stuck – the placenta of different pregnant mothers has different shapes. Some placentas have strange shapes, which can be stuck in the mouth of the uterus and cannot fall off, resulting in adhesion between the placenta and the uterine wall.

a pregnant mother with more “abortion history” – the “Qinggong” in abortion surgery will cause great damage to the uterus. If the number of times is too much, the uterine wall will become thinner and the placenta will easily adhere to it.

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