Obstetrician: why not choose early prevention?

Many parturient women will be asked this question when they are in labor. When they are sweating with pain, they often have no time to think about it. Most of them choose the lateral section that sounds less painful.

some people are afraid of “tearing” the pain of “cutting” the skin, while others are afraid that the “side cutting” wound is not easy to recover. However, in the eyes of doctors, both lateral incision and tear will leave harm and sequelae to women, neither of which is the best choice.

the maternal body is fat, and the fetus cannot pass through the birth canal smoothly. The fetal position is not correct, the head and feet are inverted or the head does not come out first. Labor process is long, fetal breathing is not smooth, easy to suffocate. Fetal umbilical cord around the neck, more than 2 weeks around the neck, umbilical cord tension during production is prone to risk. Due to the maternal factors, there are signs of slight tearing, and protective measures have to be taken. Fetal size is too large, too much supplement during pregnancy, fetus more than 8 Jin belong to “macrosomia”. In either case, lateral incision is a kind of “medical intervention”, and some cases with severe laceration will have less injury. Because of the regular shape of the lateral incision wound, it is conducive to postpartum healing, while the tear is irregular, which is not conducive to recovery.

there is a saying in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology that “it is better to have small tears than to have side cuts”. It means that we should not choose all the side cuts. It is written that there will be slight tears when pregnant women give birth naturally. Originally, the injury is smaller than that of side incision. If we choose side incision blindly, it will aggravate the trauma.

obstetricians say that it is better not to choose whether to have a lateral incision or a tear during delivery, and take preventive measures in advance, so as not to bear the pain of skin incision caused by lateral incision, but also to avoid the risk of tearing skin and splitting skin.

as the saying goes, “the root should be treated in the treatment of a disease”. Whether it is a tear or a lateral incision, pelvic floor muscle injury is caused. Exercising pelvic floor muscle toughness in advance can effectively avoid the occurrence of danger.

you can exercise in the morning, before going to bed and sitting in meditation. Tighten the perineum and anal tail, and relax after 3 seconds. Later can follow the rhythm of music together, effectively reduce the leakage of urine, time can be more practice.

fetal enlargement is a common phenomenon of modern babies. With the improvement of quality of life, the diet of pregnant women has also been upgraded. If they eat too well during pregnancy, both mother and child will grow fat, increasing the risk of tearing.

it is suggested that during pregnancy, Baoma can refer to the “pregnancy diet” for supplement, increase the appropriate amount of exercise to transform energy, avoid fat accumulation and unbalanced absorption of fetal nutrition.

regular prenatal examination is also the key. Ask the doctor whether the fetal development is normal, whether the fetal position is correct, whether there is expected to be around the neck phenomenon, etc., so as to discharge the risk factors during delivery.

some parturient women are in good physical condition. The reason of lateral incision is that the labor process becomes longer and the labor process becomes longer due to too much tension during childbirth. Therefore, it is necessary to end the labor pain as soon as possible.

especially novice mothers are afraid of childbirth. It is suggested that Baoma learn the principles of the three major stages of labor and the unexpected situations that may occur before delivery, so as to have a clear idea.

the above three preventive measures can avoid the pain of lateral incision and tear during natural labor. If necessary, listen to the doctor’s advice, choose the best way for your body, and wish every precious mother a smooth birth. Pets