Obstetrician’s experience: whether a child’s brain development is good or not can be seen at a glance on the day of birth

Some of the children’s performance as a child seems to play the role of “searchlight”. It can be seen at a glance how the children will behave in the future. Take children’s brain development as an example. Although postnatal training is very important, the starting point of development is not high. We can still see one or two things when we are young. < / P > < p > in fact, many people in the past admit that there is no need to look at a child’s brain development from a young age. It can be seen at a glance from the day of birth. < / P > < p > two days ago, my colleague Xiaoyun reported to us that she had just given birth to a lovely boy. In addition to congratulations, Xiaoyun is also happy to share with us an interesting story about the birth of her baby. < / P > < p > Xiaoyun’s childbirth is not particularly smooth, unlike other mothers, because the baby’s head circumference is large, it takes a long time just to prepare, let alone childbirth. Fortunately, Xiaoyun finally gave birth to her baby. < / P > < p > just born babies seem to have been greatly wronged. They cry incessantly as soon as they are born. Among the babies born in the same batch, they cry the loudest. The voice was so loud that it even attracted the doctor who was on the ward round. The doctor touched the baby’s face and said happily, “I heard the voice before I saw it. Congratulations, you have a smart baby. This baby looks smart.” < / P > < p > it is often said that three years old makes a difference. However, it does not sound reliable to say that brain development can be seen from the day the child is born. In fact, there is a scientific basis for this statement: < / P > < p > researchers have found that the brain development of newborn babies will be in different states due to different nutrition and development during pregnancy. Although it can not be clearly written, it is difficult to understand We can still judge by some performance. < / P > < p > when a newborn baby contacts with the outside world for the first time, the body will respond accordingly. These seemingly insignificant small performances are actually the result of the cooperation between the brain and the body, which to a certain extent implies the brain development of the baby. < / P > < p > this is not difficult to understand, which means that if the baby does not make these behaviors, it naturally means that the baby’s brain development is not in place. These may be incredible for parents, but experienced doctors can see them at a glance. < / P > < p > some babies cry loud after birth, while others don’t cry strong enough. These crying babies generally have better brain development. < / P > < p > this is not nonsense. An important medical criterion for judging the health of newborn babies is their crying. The newborn baby’s lungs are in a fresh state of contact with the outside world. The bigger the cry, the stronger the development of the lungs and the stronger the ability of the lungs to exchange oxygen. < / P > < p > some careful mothers may find that some newborn babies always cry frequently as if they were wronged. In this case, Baoma first do not worry, crying baby, is likely to be in rapid brain development. < / P > < p > studies have shown that each brain nerve in infants has 25000 neural contact bodies, and each contact body has a different nervous system. This requires the body to provide a lot of nutrients, including the important nutritional fuel – oxygen. < / P > < p > babies who cry frequently are providing sufficient oxygen for the brain through the development of lungs. Such a baby is naturally the representative of a well-developed brain. < / P > < p > it should be noted that crying frequently does not mean crying for a long time. Babies under six months of age should not cry for more than 20 minutes, otherwise it will have a negative effect, the report said. < / P > < p > many parents like to stare at their baby’s big eyes. At this time, their mothers will find that some babies, even if they are just born, look around curiously with their big eyes open. < / P > < p > some superstitious old people think that it is not auspicious for a newborn baby to open his eyes. In fact, it can show that the baby’s brain is more fully developed. < / P > < p > generally speaking, newborn babies do not take the initiative to capture the surrounding environment with their eyes, but these babies are different. It is precisely because the neural network used to transmit information in the brain is more perfect that they take the initiative to explore the surrounding environment. From this point of view, the brain development of these babies has been one step faster. 08/17/2020