“October pregnancy” only has 280 days? How to calculate the expected delivery date? Pregnant mothers need to know in advance

From pregnancy to baby birth, we all use “October pregnancy” to describe it. However, it seems that the pregnancy period has not reached 10 months. In fact, it means four weeks in October. Many calculation methods of pregnancy can not be seen according to common sense.

when I was pregnant with Xiaobao of our family, I didn’t have any obvious pregnancy in four or five months. The old people in my family said that the pregnancy period was not accurate. The actual gestational week must be small, and the baby would be born later than the expected date.

I don’t agree with this view, because my menstruation has always been very regular, each time it is 28 days, and the error range before and after is not more than 3 days, which can be said to be a clever menstrual cycle like a textbook.

in the second trimester of pregnancy, I asked the doctor quietly, “doctor, when do you think I can have a baby?” The doctor was happy when I asked him, “which day is the last menstruation? Menstrual cycle how many days

after listening to my introduction, the doctor nodded and said, “it’s so regular that maybe we won the prize in the expected date of delivery.” Facts have proved that the doctor is more reliable, and Xiaobao happened to launch on the day of due date.

when I was waiting in the waiting room to open my fingers, I felt a little bored after playing painless. I chatted with several pregnant mothers nearby, and everyone said, “you are the 5% lucky one!”

from the first day of the last menstruation, a complete pregnancy period is just 280 days. Therefore, the expected date of delivery is the 280 day after the last menstrual period.

in a regular month, there may be 28-31 days in a month, which is not very accurate; however, every week is a complete seven days, which is relatively accurate. Therefore, we regard 40 weeks of pregnancy as October pregnancy.

the most commonly used method is the menstrual algorithm mentioned above, but the accuracy of this method is a little too low for Baoma who has irregular menstruation.

according to the data, only 5% of Baoma mothers give birth accurately during the expected delivery period, while only 25% of Baoma mothers give birth three days before and after the expected delivery date. In most cases, babies will be born within 2 weeks before and after the expected delivery date.

① fetal size: the biparietal diameter and humeral length of the baby measured by B-ultrasound can measure the actual gestational age of the baby, and then calculate the accurate gestational age.

③ time of pregnancy and vomiting: the starting time of benchmark events such as pregnancy vomiting and fetal movement can also be used as the basis for calculation, but the accuracy of this method is relatively low, far less accurate than that of B-ultrasound calculation.

if calculated from the day of ovulation, the expected date of delivery is 266 days after ovulation. For expectant mothers whose menstruation is not accurate, it seems impossible to calculate the ovulation date. We can calculate it by other methods.

before and after ovulation day, the cervical secretion of expectant mothers will change, and the texture will be thin, transparent and clear, and can be drawn. When the secretion changes, ovulation usually begins within 2 days.

taking morning temperature every day is a good habit to monitor ovulation. Body temperature is easily affected by external factors. It is recommended to measure oral temperature after getting up in the morning.

before ovulation, the normal body temperature is about 36.5 ℃. On the day of ovulation, there will be an upward fluctuation of 0.3 ~ 0.5 ℃ on the day of ovulation, and then it will remain until the menstrual period. Exercise, eating, cold and other external factors may affect body temperature, if the expectant mother has a cold, the measured body temperature can not be counted. 3. Ovulation test paper

there is not only a test paper for early pregnancy, but also a test paper for ovulation. Because the menstrual cycle is generally not less than 20 days, it can be monitored on the tenth day of menstruation.

these three monitoring methods are good news for expectant mothers with irregular menstruation. Shimajima suggests that moms should use the method of body temperature monitoring, which is convenient and accurate. Drawing a simple line chart is also very interesting.