Often eat 4 kinds of “things”, beauty and beauty at the same time, help you get rid of the monthly “one week” trouble

Introduction: women are tired, whether it is mental pressure or physical aspects, women need to look after their husbands and children, need to have a pregnancy in October, and even bleed for a week every month. It’s really not easy, especially “one week” every month. Sometimes it’s not in accordance with the time. What do you say to do? At present, most of the girls do not sleep on time because of the pressure of employment and school It can be said that it is not worth going to the hospital for various physiological diseases, but if you don’t go to see a doctor, you will feel uncomfortable. What should be done? In fact, there is a way to keep in good health and regulate the body through tonic food. Which foods are good for women’s health? Red bean has the functions of diuresis and detumescence, strengthening spleen and kidney, clearing heat and detoxification, and tonifying blood. The cooking method is also very simple. It can be boiled into red bean water to drink, and can also be added to rice to cook. It is simple and light. It can be said that the essential food in “a week”, of course, there are also red bean cakes and so on. These foods seem simple, but in fact contain the truth, which is responsible for nourishing the body! Jujube is more common. It can nourish yin and kidney, and is neutral in nature. It can be eaten in any constitution. However, different from other foods, jujube has a sweet taste and makes people feel happy. Of course, jujube can’t be eaten more. 3-5 pieces a day is very good. Eating too much will affect the gastrointestinal function and make the stomach indigestible. < p > < p > ginger is a kind of hot food, which can expel cold and keep warm. It has a very good effect on the body. In ancient times, people were cold, but limited to environmental and medical problems, ginger soup was used to drive away the cold. But the taste of ginger is strange. We use it as seasoning when cooking. However, with the improvement of processing technology, ginger has been processed into various snacks, which can also make up for the lack of flavor. < p > < p > brown sugar is also a kind of food that can calm nerves. When menstruation comes, drinking brown sugar water can restore one’s Qi and blood, and also make one’s mood happy. After all, during this period, women can’t eat food indiscriminately, which is very painful. Therefore, brown sugar water was born in this situation. < p > < p > more or less women will have some physical discomfort during menstruation, such as abdominal pain, chest pain and so on. At this time, Ejiao will come into use. Donkey hide gelatin is made from donkey skin, rich in high protein, and can replenish qi and blood. Donkey hide gelatin and roses, as well as probiotics, are fermented to produce donkey hide gelatin roses Yeast can regulate the physical discomfort during menstruation, and harmonize qi and blood and hormone levels in the body. It is the first choice for many women, so don’t miss it. Due to the problem of time, many people always excuse that they don’t have time to exercise. In fact, sports do not need to be formal. They can go home from work and jog. Among them, aerobic exercise is the best way to exercise. After increasing our immunity, we have the capital of resistance, regardless of the disease we encounter. < / P > < p > it has become a tacit thing for women not to eat spicy raw and cold food during menstruation, but there are still many girls who can’t control their own mouth, because greedy leads to offending their “big aunt” and makes them suffer from pain. Therefore, do not be greedy during menstruation. < / P > < p > it is suggested that women during menstruation should supplement more water, because drinking more water can increase blood circulation and slow down aging. Our cells are consuming water all the time. Only in this way can we keep healthy. < / P > < p > the process of making tea bags is more complicated. A tea bag can solve the problem of making tea bags. When drinking, take out a bag and brew it for about five minutes, which is very convenient. < p > < p > conclusion: the body is our own. Only when we learn how to keep in good health and increase our resistance, can we become less helpless after the disease comes. Women should protect themselves. Unlike men, they only need to work and support their families, which is mostly spiritual. Women are the body. Every child born is a great injury of vitality. In the end, if the body is not repaired Only “ragged” can be raised! Focus