On the first night after delivery, the husband was willing to do these four “shy” things, proving that he was right to marry

The puerperal period is generally about 42-56 days. From the birth of the baby, Baoma’s mothers are about to begin their confinement. During this period, many things can’t be done by themselves. At this time, the care of the husband is particularly important. < / P > < p > how difficult is pregnancy? Maybe only those who have experienced it can understand. After enduring the discomfort of a long pregnancy and the unforgettable pain of childbirth, do you think it is finally over? < / P > < p > in fact, the recovery period after giving birth to a child is a greater test, especially for mothers who have caesarean section, even basic toilet access has become a problem. < p > < p > this is undoubtedly the most vulnerable and helpless mother. If your husband is willing to do these “shy” things for you on the first night after childbirth, congratulations on getting married. Although her family disagreed, Xiaoxuan was determined to marry to the northeast. Her elders often advised her: “long marriage does not end well, there are times when you suffer.” < p > < p > after marriage, life is flat and light, and there is no sweetness in love before. Xiaoxuan also had some regrets. The year before last, Xiaoxuan was pregnant and had to have a cesarean section because of her abnormal fetal position. < / P > < p > she didn’t ask her mother to come over when she gave birth to the baby. Her husband was taking care of her all the time. When she woke up after the anesthetic strength passed, she saw her husband taking a small basin and squatting on the ground to wash things. < / P > < p > it turns out that lochia after childbirth spilled onto clothes and quilts. See treasure mother is wake up by oneself, treasure father of more than 1.8 meters gets up, a face is guilty ground says: “wake up you, you still ache, I see all dirty wash first.”

postnatal doctors will require urination in 2 hours, because * because of tearing, the feeling of urination is not felt by the mother, which may cause urinary retention and affect the recovery of the subsequent parturient. < p > < p > but at this time, the mothers have no strength to go to the toilet, especially the Baoma women who have had a cesarean section. They need to urinate immediately after they pull out the catheter, and then they have to have help. < / P > < p > although some husbands will stay in the hospital bed after giving birth, they are indifferent to their children and feel that they can’t feed milk, so the children should be the mother’s business. < / P > < p > there is another thing that makes many pregnant mothers feel “shy”, that is, to eliminate lochia. This is something that every Baoma has to go through. It usually lasts about 4-6 weeks. Lochia is actually the product of the loss of uterine membrane. The lochia of blood type in the first two days will gradually turn into serous lochia after one week, and white lochia after two weeks, until it disappears. < p > < p > and this situation is beyond the control of Baoma women. They often dirty their clothes and bedding. At this time, they need to be taken care of, such as changing clothes, sanitary napkins and wiping the body. < / P > < p > generally speaking, maternity clothes are disposable clothes and underpants, but there are also some Baoma wearing their own clothes, which need to be cleaned manually. < / P > < p > especially bedding, once you get it, you have to wash it. If your husband can help you clean it, it also proves that he really loves you. < / P > < p > for mothers who have caesarean section, they need to get out of bed after 6 hours. If it is difficult to get out of bed due to pain, they should often turn over their bodies to avoid intestinal adhesion. < / P > < p > you must urinate within 6 hours after delivery. If it is a natural birth, the doctor will ask for 2 hours. If it is not, then you need to insert a catheter to help urinate. < / P > < p > “I am a candy mom, a learning and growing treasure mother. I focus on pregnancy and child care. If you want to raise a baby easily, don’t forget to pay attention to it. The candy mom team will answer questions and solve doubts about your parenting path.” 08/16/2020