Once and for all, “cat toe surgery”, you can’t imagine how cruel it is

In the face of a mess in front of us, I’m afraid all of us have to doubt about life. Why did we have to raise such a thing at the beginning, and raise a cute cat? Doesn’t it smell good?

the United Kingdom has published such a set of data: on average, the total loss of British families caused by the demolition of cats and dogs amounts to 4 billion pounds per year, of which, the loss caused by cats is up to 2.5 billion pounds, far more than the 1.5 billion pounds of dogs.

“toe removal” is not simply pulling out the cat’s nails, but cutting off the bones, tendons, ligaments and the first joint of each claw tip, as shown in the figure below.

according to statistics, 163 cats in Washington state of the United States had undergone the operation in a month when toe removal was just applied to cats. After toe removal, the cats developed various complications.

follow up of 121 cats showed that 20% of them had persistent complications, such as infection, weight gain, protrusion of supraclaw bone and indirect claudication.

a cat is a highly vigilant animal, and its claws play a role in escaping and attacking. After removing the knuckles, the cat will no longer be able to climb, run, catch, and even walk like human beings wearing shoes that don’t fit their feet. If they lose their claws, cats will not only have to face physical defects, but also suffer psychological damage due to lack of security.

in the long run, most cats will gradually lose all their activity attributes. They will no longer play with cat sticks and cat scratch boards. They will not even patronize the cat litter basin and spend the rest of their lives lying in the cat’s nest.

once these cats are abandoned by their owners and become stray cats, they lack the necessary tools. They can neither escape from danger nor hunt animals, and the only thing waiting for them is death…

at present, toe surgery is considered illegal in Los Angeles, Denver and New York State, and the Veterinary Association will popularize “toe removal” before people raise cats ”The United Kingdom, Australia, EU countries and Canada have also announced the prohibition of the operation.

there is no clear regulation on this in China. Some profit-making pet medical institutions will still encourage the cat owners who do not know the truth to take the cat for the operation under the banner of “once and for all”.

in fact, there are many ways to solve the problem: regularly trim the cat’s nails, provide plastic nail covers, provide more cat scratch boards in the room, and so on, which can ease the cat’s demolition behavior.

the behavior, interaction and living environment of 130 adult cat owners were investigated by researchers from the Federal University of juisi Di FRA in Brazil. Out of a total of 223 cats, 13.5% said their cats had at least one separation related problem, such as destructive behavior or mental distress. It seems to be different from the cat’s independent and arrogant personality.

Professor Santa Ana, the author of the study, explained: some people think that domestic cats can’t establish an attachment relationship with people, but recent research has overturned this idea, showing that cats can also establish emotional ties with their owners. Our research suggests that cats may suffer when separated from their appendages.

they keep breaking toilet paper, urinating on the sofa, and scratching your sofa curtains. They are just crying about their loneliness and arousing your attention.

both cats and dogs are social animals. They are eager to communicate and interact, especially with your favorite. What we should do as a host is to accompany them as much as possible, so as not to let them spend their short life in waiting.