Once the beginning of autumn is over, we should prevent “three diseases”, eat “three fruits” and avoid things for a whole year

The beginning of autumn also indicates that the heat is going to recede and the temperature is gradually decreasing. Many people who have been suffering from high temperature for a long time have begun to look forward to the coming of autumn. But in this period of time, the human body is very vulnerable to the invasion of cold, because the summer heat has just dissipated, the human body has not adapted to it, a rain, the temperature drops suddenly, the cold is easy to invade, induce disease, so it is very important to do a good job of protection.

many people don’t have much appetite in summer. In the hot summer, people’s appetite will also decline. When the weather turns cold and the appetite rises, many people begin to eat and drink. However, in the hot summer season, in addition to heavy moisture and spleen and stomach deficiency for a long time, the body suddenly makes a big supplement, which is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, leading to diarrhea. Therefore, in the diet, we still need to step by step.

it’s an autumn rain and a cold. The temperature may still be relatively high during the day. After a rain, the temperature may drop a lot. If you don’t add clothes in time, you will easily catch cold. So when you go out, you should remember to bring one more piece of clothing, even if the temperature suddenly drops, you don’t have to worry.

in autumn, the weather is relatively dry. At this time, our mood is easy to change, so we should adjust our mentality in time. Many people in the autumn, the mood will be relatively low, depression, negative emotions increase, easy to damage the body’s immune system. In addition, the lung likes to run and detest dryness. After autumn, it is necessary to replenish water and regulate the lung.

autumn is relatively dry. If you don’t pay attention to your diet, you will easily be troubled by constipation. Banana as a famous defecation “master”, the right amount of food can moisten the intestines, so that the excretion of feces unobstructed. Banana peel, which is often discarded as garbage, has many advantages. If the skin is itchy or dry, it can be applied to the corresponding parts.

many female friends are fond of jujube because it can not only replenish blood and Qi, but also beautify and beautify the face. People, old and young, like to use it to soak water or cook porridge. In fact, jujube is also the most suitable for eating in autumn, because this season, the human body is prone to lack of Qi and blood and dry skin, spleen and stomach weak symptoms, moderate consumption of red dates, can eliminate internal heat, discharge toxins.

grapes may be the most popular fruit in fruit shops recently. Many friends like to eat grapes. People who are prone to insomnia and restlessness can eat more at ordinary times. Grapes also have the effect of beauty and beauty, women often eat, can replenish blood Qi, eyesight and brain.

many people regard staying up late as their daily routine. They will stay up late almost every day. Indeed, in the information age, everyone is keen to browse all kinds of new events and watch new TV dramas. However, staying up late is also very harmful to health. Especially after the summer, the human body consumes a lot, and it needs sufficient sleep time to adjust. Often staying up late will cause loss Yang Qi and physical strength.

although it is the beginning of autumn, the temperature in the daytime is still relatively high. After all, there is the saying of “autumn tiger”. Many people still can’t help eating some cold food, which leads to cold in the stomach and intestines. It is suggested that we should eat less raw and cold food as much as possible. We should start to adapt to drinking warm water, eating hot rice and hot dishes to protect the spleen and stomach.

many people don’t like to exercise in summer, because standing still will make you sweat. But after the beginning of autumn, many friends have picked up the habit of exercising. However, this period is not suitable for strenuous exercise. Sweating all over the body and blowing the cool wind can easily affect your health. Especially for the middle-aged and elderly people, they are not willing to move when the weather is hot. They often stay in the air-conditioned room. When they suddenly start to exercise, they should also step by step and not be anxious.

conclusion: Although the temperature has begun to drop, we should not be careless at this time, so that diseases can take advantage of it. Summer is different from autumn. Summer is a good time for health preservation, while autumn should take preventive measures to prevent the invasion of various diseases. If you can not get sick, you will not get sick and consume less Yang Qi, which is more beneficial to health.