Oncologist: don’t give up when you encounter three kinds of cancer. There are opportunities in the late stage. It’s not necessary that you have both money and people

In the past, people thought that suffering from cancer was equivalent to suffering from “incurable disease”. Now we have a better understanding of cancer. We know that some cancers can be cured if they are treated early. However, if they are in the late stage, they will give up on their own and are not willing to receive treatment any more. They prefer to enjoy the rest of their life happily. Many patients with advanced cancer think that continuing treatment is actually a waste of money and time. In the end, there may be no need for treatment, but is it really so? < / P > < p > to give you an example, the wife of CCTV host Lang Yongchun suffered from breast cancer 10 years ago. After finding out the cancer, she began to actively treat it, but the cancer cells not only failed to contain it, but also metastasized. At this time, the cancer has reached its advanced stage. If some people get to this point, they may give up. But Lang Yongchun and his wife didn’t give up. They gave up all their work and went abroad for treatment. Three years later, all the cancer cells disappeared. This case tells us that there will be opportunities for some cancers in advanced stage, so don’t give up. < / P > < p > oncologists tell you that there are three kinds of cancer, even in the advanced stage, there will be opportunities. If you insist on treatment, you may get unexpected results. The first type is lymphatic carcinoma. For this kind of cancer, now there are corresponding treatment methods, not only can be treated by biological immunotherapy, but also can be combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy and so on. Early and timely treatment of cancer is possible to cure, even if there is metastasis in the late stage, it can also be targeted for treatment, so people suffering from lymphatic cancer must not easily give up, do not feel cancer The cells have been transferred in many places, and the treatment is meaningless. If we persist in the treatment, we can prolong our life. Second, cancer of reproductive system. The growth of this type of cancer cells is relatively rapid, but it does not mean that there is no treatment. Chemotherapy can kill the cancer cells well, and then promote the body to grow normal cells. After effective treatment, the cure rate of malignant tumor can reach more than 70%. < / P > < p > the third type of blood related cancer is leukemia. If it is treated in time, the cure rate can reach 75% to 90%. Even if it is very serious in the late stage, the cure rate can reach 20% to 40%. The main reason is that the cells in the blood are very sensitive, chemotherapy can play a very good effect, so when you find yourself suffering from cancer related to the blood system, don’t judge your own condition, and make a blind decision, which may hurt you. < / P > < p > in general, we should understand that although cancer is terrible, we should face it positively. When cancer reaches its advanced stage, it doesn’t mean that life will end soon. If you don’t give it a chance of treatment, then life expectancy will be affected. So when the cancer is in the late stage, we should also actively treat it, maintain an optimistic attitude, and do a good job in body care, which is helpful to the treatment of the disease. The cure rate of lymphoid cancer, blood system cancer and reproductive system cancer is relatively high. If other cancers can be treated actively, miracles may occur. Therefore, we must maintain a good attitude. < / P > < p > different types of cancer, the cure rate is not the same, but no matter how much the cure rate is, we should treat reasonably, adjust our emotions, and maintain good living and eating habits, which can help to extend life to a certain extent. Focus