One person in Hainan won the Chinese doctor Award

The reporter learned from the official website of the Chinese Medical Association on August 19 that the list of the 12th “Chinese doctor Award” was officially announced. A total of 80 doctors were selected, and Jiang Hongyan, President of Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital, was on the list. < p > < p > JIANG Hongyan is a medical doctor, postdoctoral, chief physician, professor and doctoral supervisor. He was introduced to Hainan in 2015 as vice president of Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital and President of Hainan otolaryngology head and neck surgery hospital, and President of Hainan Provincial People’s Hospital in 2018. Since the novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in Hainan, the people’s Hospital of Shandong Province has been designated as a designated hospital and a severe patient treatment center hospital as a confirmed new hospital in the province, and a leading group on epidemic prevention and control has been set up quickly in the

. Jiang Hongyan coordinated the work of medical treatment, material supply, logistics support, publicity and report, psychological intervention and other ten groups to fight the epidemic situation, and led the establishment of a critical care expert group, which lasted for 65 days, twice a day for multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment mode consultation, and implemented the treatment mode of “one person, one program” for critically ill patients. The expert group innovated and adopted the national standard of “wide entry and strict exit”. The whole blood and fecal nucleic acid tests were carried out on the patients who were about to be discharged. The patients could be discharged only after they were confirmed to be completely negative. After discharge, they were observed by the local CDC for 14 days. This measure has been widely recognized and become the reference standard for follow-up of discharged patients in China. In the work of epidemic prevention and control, Jiang Hongyan has always been fighting in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, adhering to the responsibility of keeping the soil and fulfilling the responsibility, leading the staff of the hospital to stick to their posts, unite and cooperate. HEALTHY LIFE