One time purchasing experience learned from operation experience

The above dialogue happened in the scene where I decided to play with my department’s small partners. So we decided to go to Hainan to play. My idea was to dive, their idea: to buy on behalf of them.

so I searched Hainan purchase price and found an app, which was duty-free. The question was answered instantly. After reading, I decided to start my one-time purchasing career.

tangible products: products that can be seen and touched; for example, skin care products displayed in the mall; intangible products: products that can’t be seen or touched; for example, the service of shopping malls buying skin care products on behalf of them. What I sell this time is that I go to the duty-free shop to buy skin care products on behalf of me. This is an invisible product. In short, I sell my service.

because no skin care products have been used, we don’t know about skin care, and I don’t know the price. Even if I have four advantages, I can’t make up for the lack of disadvantages.

so the first step is to weaken my disadvantage; it can not be changed in a short time without using skin care products. So what I need to shape is that although I haven’t used skin care products, I still know about skin care.

so I went to the little red book to retrieve the relevant skin care knowledge, and asked a lot of friends around me about skin care experience; for example, the steps of skin care, the essence of good use, the skin care products suitable for dry skin, the recommended skin care products and so on. For unclear prices, you can get information by querying the tax-free app of departure Island, and know the price range through Xiaohong book and other purchasing friends circle. The second step is to emphasize my advantages repeatedly. By constantly emphasizing the fact that I am going to Hainan, she constantly tells how cheap Hainan tax exemption is, which makes people form an impression that she wants to go shopping in Hainan and is very cheap; but in fact, she is always impressed by the accumulation of ordinary times.

if you sell intangible products and your service, you must create a person to set up IP; and the personal design I created this time is realistic and willing to find the image of cheap and preferential skin care products.

don’t think that it has been successful to create an IP device for a person. This is just the first step in the purchasing career. Because my service is based on tangible products, it will also involve the product selection. What kind of products do they want to buy?

La Mer repair essence extract; Shiseido ANESSA sunscreen suit; skin cream. At that time, I thought that since it was a good seller, I should sell them well, but when I was selling these with people around me, I was not interested in any other than the popular anssa sunscreen set; reason: the mystery of sea blue is too expensive and the key of skin is not used. Finally, I choose a most common method to collect the products that the target group wants through questionnaire survey. The product that meets the target population and meets the needs is selected.

the selection also pricing the products. I can purchase service price on behalf of: each product will be added 20-30 yuan on the basis of preferential price. Some of them will be added on the basis of preferential price in proportion. Of course, frugality is based on the service of our own. At the beginning, my focus was on the cheap goods I bought on behalf of Hainan and the goods were real. So I made a comparison of the platforms of products very seriously, and I was also pleased with this.

indeed, if the online shopping of friends circle has not sent a form, they are all with price. How to buy on behalf of themselves, they lose what they learned. When doing SEM creativity, the click rate of advanced creative pictures is higher than that of ordinary words. The more beautiful and new the pictures, the higher the click rate; only when the netizens want to know your products, will they be able to understand your products There are subsequent transformations.

so I want users to see my products first, which is inseparable from the promotion of products – good copywriting and good product drawings are the fundamental to the success of the publicity.

because this time is in line with the rules of circle brush of friends circle, we have a whole time to browse and choose on the commute road and lunch time. We should also not send multiple times in the same period, and the frequency should be reasonable.

I believe that we also find that the profit earned by purchasing on behalf of the company includes discount difference besides running expenses; most tax-free goods need to get five pieces to enjoy the discount, which requires me to constantly pull new fission.

so the products I put on later are two sets of products, so that apart from the preferential treatment, they can also be used for fission and scraping; when some people only need one bottle, she will pull friends around to make the list.

there are many ways to fission. For other reference, send red envelopes, choose the top three to give different preferential offers, such as: best hand gas – free purchase fee, and give away travel suits; second: partial products are directly discount by 8.5% off; third: purchase fee deduction; these methods are only for reference, and the detailed use method is used according to your specific situation.

when I thought I would come back from Hainan and my purchasing career ended, my colleagues told me that your purchase on behalf was just the beginning – because Hainan duty-free mall can make up for purchase, which means you can buy goods by mail supplement. The discount is similar to that purchased at the airport, and some discounts may be lower.

so I combined with the festival of the seventh night to activate the target population in the group, and the hot-selling products pictures activated the needs of the crowd, so that started my half year purchase career..

Why do I want to write about this experience? Actually, I have some cognition about operation from this experience. The ultimate purpose of operation is to maximize the benefits.

through purchasing on behalf, I seem to have been connected with a two link of supervisor. As if I had to give me a product, I could sell it through operation, and finally make a summary for you.

of course, I don’t advocate that everyone go shopping on behalf. I told my colleagues on my way back that I might not be buying on behalf because I am tired. Skip to content