One to autumn and winter baby skin problems, how should 4 delicate skin care? Make it clear

The baby’s face that can be broken by blowing bullets is very popular. It is not enough for people to kiss them. However, when it comes to autumn and winter, with the increasingly dry weather, many baby’s delicate skin will have various problems. < / P > < p > when parents are naturally very anxious, they want to give their children all-round care from head to foot, but many times young parents are lack of experience, Some of the experiences I heard were very complicated and some of them were conflicting, which made parents very confused. What about < / P > < p > specifically? Let’s talk about the skin care of the baby in autumn and winter, so that the mothers can get ready before winter. Not to be in a hurry to catch blind. < / P > < p > don’t wash your face with too high water temperature. It can be used with soft cleansing products with special ingredients for infants and young children. After that, dry it with a soft towel, and then use an appropriate amount of moisturizer. < / P > < p > in the diet, eat more foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2, such as animal liver, milk, eggs, soybeans, carrots, and so on. You can also appropriately supplement coarse grains, such as corn and sweet potato, but mainly drink warm water.

first of all is to pay attention to cleaning. When the baby eats the food, clean the lips and smear the lip balm in time. Lip Balm should be selected exclusively for children, and the best ingredient is safety. < p > < p > when taking a baby out, Baoma had better take one with her. In addition to wiping her mouth after eating, she can also daub her baby’s lips when she feels dry. < / P > < p > after washing hands and wiping them dry, you can apply some hand cream to your baby. When you come back from home, check if your baby’s shoes are wet, and pay attention to drying and replacing them in time. Although it is not recommended to stay outdoors for a long time after the cold weather, it is still necessary to take time to take the baby out as far as possible. Proper exercise can enhance the resistance of the baby. If the time is too long outside, Baoma can give appropriate rubbing hands and feet to warm the baby. < p > < p > in autumn and winter, Baoma should not reduce the frequency of changing diapers because of the cold weather, which is the most likely to cause the baby to have “red buttocks”. Therefore, Baoma should learn to judge whether the baby’s diapers need to be replaced. < / P > < p > in addition, unless the baby is defecating, you don’t need to wash your baby’s ass every time you change the diaper, which will destroy the acid-base balance of the skin on the butt. Warm water can be used for cleaning each time. Wipe from front to back to avoid urinary tract infection. < / P > < p > remember to wipe dry after cleaning, especially the wrinkles of some fat baby’s skin. After cleaning, if the baby’s buttocks appear slightly red, you can use some hip cream or moisturizer properly. < p > < p > first of all, the temperature of the bathroom should be maintained at 26 ℃ ~ 28 ℃. The second is the water temperature. The best temperature is 38 ℃ ~ 40 ℃. Don’t try with your hands if the water temperature is hot or not. It’s not accurate. It’s more accurate to test with elbow. < / P > < p > when taking a bath, try to choose a special bath gel for children, and pay special attention to cleaning all skin folds of the body; it is better to prepare a bath cap with ear protection to prevent water from entering the eyes and ears; when the baby’s skin is damaged and the child is in a sick state, it is better not to give the baby a bath; before taking a bath, it is better for the baby to drink a cup of warm hot water, which can make the baby more comfortable , keep warm. < / P > < p > after all, they are for children. No matter how inexperienced Baoma will understand that the minimum quality of big brand products is guaranteed. Before choosing, Baoma can search for relevant product evaluation or word-of-mouth evaluation, and then make a decision. < / P > < p > many deceptive brands always mislead consumers with seemingly lofty slogans such as “pure natural, no additives”, but they are vague and ambiguous in the ingredient list. This kind of product is not worth trusting. < p > < p > Baoma can also consult relevant “professionals”. Here, there are two kinds of people. One is professionals with professional knowledge of skin care products, the other is Baoma with rich parenting experience. Based on the recommendation of everyone, Baoma can make a suitable choice. < / P > < p > finally, in fact, the skin care of children in autumn and winter mainly focuses on keeping warm, cleaning, moisturizing, nutrition supplement and proper exercise. As long as Baoma takes good care of these aspects, the baby naturally doesn’t have to worry about all kinds of skin problems. Focus