Online “cloud arena”: Piano Masters answer questions for parents

Aesthetic education youth future, build space on the cloud. In the summer under heavy pressure, the music still flows freely. The Chinese competition area of the third Kyoto International Music Competition of cloud note cup was launched, marking the beginning of the first real-time competition of “cloud arena” in China. The competition adopts online and offline parallel competition system to provide diversified and fair competition environment for Piano children with different conditions. As UNESCO said in the world art day – under the crisis, art has the power of cohesion and connection. Cloud note cup Kyoto International Music Competition is to let young people exchange their learning skills in another way. Through diversified communication, they can expand their understanding of classical music, an art that condenses human history and aesthetic feeling. In the context of physical constraints, “riding the wind and breaking the waves” cloud note Kyoto International Music Competition has become the best arena for the world’s masters to hunt for gold, but also implies that the light of humanism will always shine brightly. The Organizing Committee of China division of Kyoto International Music Competition is composed of Wei Danwen, Professor of Piano Department of Central Conservatory of music, Tang Zhe, Professor of Shanghai Conservatory of music, Li Min, founder and first director of Piano Department of China Conservatory of music, you Yang, piano lecturer of Central Conservatory of music, and Gu Jieting, a French pianist and Piano educator. The judges include Zhu Yafen, a famous pianist and educator, Wang Jian, Professor of Piano Department of Wuhan Conservatory of music, and Wu Xiao, a teacher of Piano Department of Zhejiang Conservatory of music. In addition to the competition, the masters also enthusiastically answered questions and questions for parents. Such as how to know that children have the talent to learn piano, piano learning slow is no talent? Pianist Zhu Yafen replied that it is the nature of children to love music, and they will use music rhythm to express their emotions in their infancy. Interest can be cultivated from an early age. Parents can create a music environment that will make children like piano naturally. There are very few children who have great talent for piano, but we can inspire his interest in learning. Interest is the most important “talent”. The Chinese nation has attached great importance to the significance of aesthetic education to human and social development since ancient times. It is expected that the cloud note cup Kyoto International Music Competition will focus on classical music, the “beauty jade” in aesthetic education, and take the piano of “a musical instrument is a symphony orchestra” as the medium to open the art gate of music education which is full of spiritual color and wisdom light, lead teenagers to lay a solid aesthetic foundation, enjoy art dialogue across time and space, and give life a broader thickness. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!