Online purchase of “college admission notice”: you can customize a set of school false seal

Cao Mou, a college entrance examination student in tiaofeng Town, Leizhou City, Guangdong Province, spent money to cheat his parents by faking the admission notice of Tsinghua University, and was later exposed. According to media reports, the mayor of tiaofeng town confirmed that the examinee’s actual college entrance examination score was 235. The incident sparked heated debate.

on August 19, the surging news noticed that many sellers on the Internet claimed to make and sell fake college admission notices, with prices ranging from 180 yuan to 200 yuan. According to lawyers, forgery of seals may be suspected of violating public security law or committing a crime. The key to distinguish lies in the social harmfulness, that is, the seriousness of the consequences.

according to the Red Star news report, a resident of tiaofeng town said that the admission notice of Cao Mou, the college entrance examination student, had cost 3000 yuan to find someone to do it. Zhu, a village cadre of Cao’s village, sent Cao’s admission notice to the local government’s wechat group. When Chen Xiaohan, the mayor of tiaofeng Town, saw that there was a wrong word on the notice, he thought it was not true. He called the staff of Zhanjiang Education Bureau to verify and found it was false.

on the evening of August 19, surging news searched Taobao for the key word “admission notice” and found that many stores said they could customize college admission notice, including junior college, undergraduate and graduate admission notice. Part of the product display page with a number of colleges and universities admission notice cover pictures.

according to one seller, the customized college admission notice can be divided into two categories: customized and packaged. If only the college admission notice is customized, the price will be 200 yuan, and the notice will be customized according to the school sample; if the customized package is customized, the price is 260 yuan, the package includes notice, admission notice, enrollment registration form, family questionnaire, poverty assistance application form, envelope, parents’ letter, national funding propaganda color page, military participation promotion color page and EMS blank handwritten express face sheet. If you need to customize the school envelope, you need to pay 200 yuan.

“the goods are received in about a week, and the electronic version is released in 3-4 days.” The list provided by the seller shows that it can customize the admission notice of dozens of colleges and universities, including Chongqing Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, University of Electronic Science and technology, and Central Conservatory of music.

surging news takes a university in Guangdong as an example to ask another seller about customized college admission notice. The picture of the acceptance notice provided by the seller shows that the student number, admission college, major and bar code are printed on the main page of the notice.

according to the seller, the acceptance letters were stamped with the seal of the corresponding school. “The seal must be sealed last.”. For as like as two peas, the seller said, “you must say it is unrealistic, and you will not believe it”.

Ding Jinkun of Shanghai Dabang law firm believes that forging a seal may not only be a public security offence, but also be suspected of a crime. The key to distinguish lies in the social harmfulness, that is, the seriousness of the consequences.

Ding Jinkun believes that, in view of the small social harm, the above-mentioned Leizhou college entrance examination students who purchase forged Tsinghua University admission notice can be lenient, and can be punished by public security, without criminal responsibility.

according to the provisions of Article 52: Whoever commits one of the following acts shall be detained for not less than 10 days but not more than 15 days, and may also be fined not more than 1000 yuan; if the circumstances are relatively minor, he shall be detained for not less than 5 days but not more than 10 days, and may also be fined not more than 500 yuan: forgery, alteration or trading of official documents, certificates and certificates of state organs, people’s organizations, enterprises, institutions or other organizations Seal.

in addition, according to Article 280, Whoever forges the seal of a company, enterprise, institution or people’s organization shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention, public surveillance or deprivation of political rights, and shall also be fined.

according to the report of pear video on August 19, the staff of Leizhou Public Security Bureau said that the boy was trying to show off to his family. At present, there was no illegal crime involved and he would be given oral education. Generally, forging three or more false admission notices would constitute a crime.

surging News reported on January 9 this year that the three suspects in Tongling used more than 4000 fake official seals to apply for certificates and charge fees. A criminal chain of selling fake seals and false certificates involving 31 provinces in China has emerged.

according to the suspect, they usually make fake certificates, certificates and seals through online transactions. Peng hired others on the Internet to post card application advertisements on the street walls of more than ten provinces and cities to solicit customers to receive orders, and then sell them at the price of 100 to 300 yuan per copy and 40 to 100 yuan per seal according to customer demand. After receiving the order, Peng forwards the customer’s demand and address to the suspect Zhu or Chen, who makes and mails them to the client. Zhu and Chen charge a fee from Peng at the price of 20 to 100 yuan for each certificate and 10 to 30 yuan for each seal.

surging News reported in December 2019 that Changsha railway public security, in conjunction with local public security, smashed two false certificate manufacturing dens in Shaoyang, Hunan Province, and arrested five suspects, including one computer, two printers, 844 false seals and more than 7830 forged certificates. After checking, these fake certificates involve the birth certificate, ID card, graduation certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, officer certificate, police officer certificate, lawyer’s license, driving license, mining license, and even cremation certificate after death. 08/16/2020