Open a new mode of acne!

I believe you in front of the screen are more or less troubled by acne. Since adolescence, the long acne elimination project has exhausted us. All kinds of acne elimination products have been tried. Why not? It’s because the effect of the product has not reached the depth of the skin problem. It’s just superficial. Where does the effect come from. And today’s micro needle acne is to solve the problem that our ingredients can’t reach the depth of the skin. The younger sister who often has beauty should have heard that this is a very advanced beauty technology. In fact, micro needle acne removing products are very popular in South Korea. That’s why we usually see Korean beauties with extremely smooth faces. In fact, it’s because they are all using this kind of acne removing products. Let’s take a look at the really effective acne removing method – micro needle acne removing Smallpox, how to operate after all.

this is the root cause of acne. In short, the sebaceous glands in the dermis are normally secreted to maintain the water oil balance on the surface of the skin. When affected by the external environment, the sebaceous glands in the skin will begin to secrete abnormally.

after a little oil secretion, our skin will be contaminated with more dust and garbage. In addition, if we don’t clean our skin thoroughly, it will remain on the surface of the skin and produce old waste cutin, which can’t fall off naturally and block the pores.

if the blocked pores can’t get normal breathing, they will start to swell and oppress other facial microvessels, causing microvascular bleeding. That’s why red and swollen acne can be seen at this step.

the name of “microneedle” has already revealed its working principle. The cellular structure like a needle can penetrate the surface of the skin, directly to the dermis, and directly transport the nutrients needed by the skin to the dermis. And the products we used before, all stay in the epidermis, and the proportion of the ingredients that can penetrate into the dermis is very small. In fact, in short, we can understand it according to the principle of infusion.

our normal skin has its own metabolic laws. Reasonable metabolic laws maintain the balance of our skin and make our skin perfect. In the case of acne, our metabolism must be chaotic. The micro needle acne is to go deep into the bottom of the skin, stimulate the microcirculation of the skin, let it gradually restore its own metabolic capacity, that is to say, let the skin open its own self-cleaning ability. This and a lot of acne products are not the same, ordinary acne products are easy to make the skin dependent, a stop will be repeated. Micro needle acne completely avoids this point.

it has been said in the previous cause of acne that aging cutin accumulation will cause the deterioration of acne. Only when aging cutin falls off can we have smooth skin. Exfoliating products on the market are more exciting, or contain acid products, the damage to acne muscle or some. Micro needle acne is not such a risk, it will accelerate aging, exfoliation at the same time, it will not hurt our skin.

usage: can be used after toner, apply 2-3 drops on the whole face, gently press until absorbed, slight tingling is normal. Pay attention to water supplement during use!

Finally, acne can be cured, but we also choose the right products and suitable treatment methods! The most important thing is that in the process of treating acne, we should control our own diet to avoid the stimulation of diet to induce the deterioration of acne. Go out also should pay attention to sun protection, stay up late and so on is to reduce the frequency Oh! That’s all for today’s skin care sharing. If you have any skin problems, you can leave a message or send a private message in the comment area! I’m Shilu. I’ll see you tomorrow! CUISINE&HEALTH