“Overlord clause” will be implemented in Tianjin in January next year

In order to further standardize the contract behavior of off campus training institutions, resolve the disputes of off-campus training contracts, and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, recently, the Municipal Education Commission and the municipal market supervision commission jointly studied and formulated a centralized rectification on the illegal behaviors of off-campus training institutions that infringe on the rights and interests of consumers by using unfair standard terms. < / P > < p > it is understood that this centralized rectification is mainly aimed at the contract form terms signed with students by off campus training institutions that carry out non academic education training for primary and secondary school students. Focus on training institutions to use unfair standard terms to exempt their own responsibility, increase consumer responsibility, exclude consumer legal rights and other violations of consumer rights and interests. According to the standard terms, if a business operator and a consumer enter into a contract by using standard terms, the operator shall not be exempted from the following responsibilities in the standard terms: < / P > < p > at present, the education bureaus and market supervision bureaus of all districts are making comprehensive arrangements, and the centralized rectification will be formally implemented in January next year. The education bureaus of each district will comprehensively sort out the list of training institutions in their respective districts, collect the standard terms of the contract formulated and provided by the training institutions, as well as the commercial advertisements, notices, statements, shop notices, vouchers, documents, etc. that meet the conditions of offer, and hand them over to the district market supervision bureau. The market supervision bureaus of each district will strictly screen and evaluate the collected standard terms of training institutions. For training institutions with unfair standard terms, administrative guidance and law enforcement measures such as interview, administrative proposal and notice of rectification order will be adopted to urge them to clean up and correct themselves, and investigate and punish those who refuse to correct. Privacy Policy