Pain is an important cause of late cancer pain, grasp the five principles, find a department to solve

A classmate’s father-in-law has had liver cancer surgery for 8 years now, but it recurred a year ago. Since he had been operated once, all kinds of treatments including chemotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine treatment and targeted drugs have been used for a period of time. < / P > < p > I contacted my colleagues in the pain department and transferred the old man to the pain department. After systematic pain relief treatment, the old man’s spirit improved and his whole family accompanied him. One week later, the old man left. The first choice is oral administration. It is simple, noninvasive and convenient for long-term medication. It is suitable for most patients with pain. When the effect of oral administration is not good, muscle and intravenous administration are selected. < / P > < p > 2. “On time” administration refers to that patients with cancer pain use drugs regularly every day to make the painkillers in the body have a certain blood concentration. Not when it hurts. Focus