Palace cold “warm baby” found, a little every day, the uterus and ovary into a natural hotbed

Introduction: dysmenorrhea is a nightmare that many women experience once or twice a month. Many women do not know the root cause of dysmenorrhea, will attribute this phenomenon to normal. Actually not so, dysmenorrhea is caused by palace cold. Palace cold “warm baby” found, a little every day, the uterus and ovary into a natural hotbed! This is one of the most obvious manifestations of uterine cold. Because the palace is cold, so the various parts of the uterus and ovary will be cold, which is usually not felt, but when we need to keep warm, especially in the physiological period of women, it will cause dysmenorrhea. < p > < p > the physiological period is always delayed or delayed, even twice a month. In fact, this is the performance of menstrual disorders. Because the palace is cold, so the chronological order is disrupted, there are blood clots blocked, resulting in blood and toxins can not flow out. < / P > < p > some women do not have dysmenorrhea and will not have disorder. However, the flow of menstruation is different each time. It is either too large or it can be cleaned by dropping. This is also caused by the cold palace. < / P > < p > women must pay attention to keep warm, because only when the body warms up, can the uterus and ovaries warm up. Therefore, we should pay attention to eating and snacks, do not eat raw and cold food. < / P > < p > exercise can cause fever and sweating, which is very conducive to our metabolism and body warmth. Therefore, female friends should strengthen sports, through a variety of sports to make their body sweating and fever. < p > < p > the phenomenon of palace cold is not only modern, but also very common in ancient times. Therefore, ancient Chinese medicine experts also spent a lot of thought. According to the records in, through the combination of jujube, longan, wolfberry and ginger, it can warm and tonic the uterus and ovary, and gradually change the cold constitution. This is also the warm palace snack formula often used in traditional Chinese medicine. < / P > < p > jujube: Jujube’s blood nourishing and blood enriching function is very good, often eating jujube can also make our face ruddy and shiny, skin more delicate, in addition, for dysmenorrhea, jujube can also alleviate. < / P > < p > longan: since jujube is responsible for nourishing blood, longan is responsible for replenishing qi. Only when Qi and blood are sufficient, women’s constitution will change from cold constitution to warm constitution, and dysmenorrhea will naturally be far away. < / P > < p > Lycium barbarum: Lycium barbarum is also used to replenish qi. Only when Qi and blood are replenished can the balance of yin and Yang be achieved in the human body. In addition, often eat or drink wolfberry, kidney is also a good maintenance. < / P > < p > dried ginger: when dysmenorrhea occurs, many girls will choose to drink ginger water for conditioning. Dried ginger is a kind of food material with warming and tonifying effect. The effect is more obvious when mixed with red dates and brown sugar. < / P > < p > the process of matching is relatively cumbersome. If you are afraid of trouble, you can choose a good tea bag, which can also warm and tonic women’s body anytime and anywhere. Conclusion: the uterus and ovary are the most important organs for women. If these two organs are uncomfortable, they will lead to premature amenorrhea and make women look very old with wrinkles and spots. Therefore, even for their own beauty, we should pay attention to the maintenance of these two organs. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao