Parenting Craze: crush adults? Netizens call parents “pressure group”

Policy, education, parenting, safety, health, Celebrity All kinds of popular parenting information is in the “one week parenting hot search”, you don’t need to brush your microblog every day to know what’s new this week! Come and watch the hot search with the wave flower! < / P > < p > a parent said that the teacher asked parents to correct homework and tutor homework, so that they took on the responsibility and work of the teacher. They yelled “what’s the matter if I quit the parent group?”. Various problems in the parent group have aroused the resonance of many parents. Netizen: the pressure of parents and teachers is not small, and the parent group has become a “pressure group” Let’s see. Recently, a parent in Jiangsu Province claimed that the teacher asked parents to correct homework and tutor homework, which made them undertake the responsibility and work of teachers. They yelled, “what’s the matter if I quit the parent group?”. The problems in the parents group have aroused many parents’ sympathy. In fact, the pressure on teachers is not small. The parent group, which should be a bridge between family and school, has become a “pressure group”. Recently, in Yongxin County, Jiangxi Province, Mr. Liu sang a song to celebrate his daughter’s full score in mathematics. He was too excited to send his voice to the class group. Mr. Liu said that he was too excited and wanted to send a voice to his wife, but he didn’t expect that the news from the class group would pop up. He said that he would dance with his daughter when he had time. He also bought a doll suit, and sometimes he would wear a suit to pick up the children from school. Recently, some netizens reported that teachers asked children to hold bowls of “toast” when they held activities in Leishan County, Southeast Guizhou Province. On the afternoon of October 29, a staff member of the Education Bureau Office of Leishan County responded that the above-mentioned activities were held by the kindergarten on October 23 to let children experience the “Miao New Year Festival” and “let them know our national characteristics from an early age”. In response to netizens’ query about drinking for children, the staff said that the liquid in the bowl is not wine, but plain water, “how can we let children drink?”. The purpose of raising a bowl is to respect and make the children feel the traditional culture. In addition to young children, parents are also involved in the activities. Can some reactions be a little bit excessive? When we were children, we had to offer drinks for the Spring Festival and our elders It’s a kind of respect, not a drink. Recently, a full moon baby girl in Hunan was swimming with a collar around her neck under the supervision of her grandmother and mother. When the father of the baby girl came home, he found that the child’s face was pale and did not cry or move. Only then did the family members realize the abnormality. However, due to prolonged hypoxia, the baby girl died. Doctors remind: there are many unsafe factors for infants to swim with collars, which should be accompanied by professionals. Recently, a primary school in Wuyi, Zhejiang Province, held a farming and reading culture festival. A class was assigned to make a dragon out of straw. The head teacher was worried. The parents of the students took part in the activity, and the inheritors of intangible cultural heritage were invited to give the dragon a good look. In addition to the rice straw dragon, there are parents to do straw crab, straw octopus, all lifelike. Netizens said: do not dare to send children to school without a bit of talent. < p > < p > the kindergarten teacher asked to make a car and asked the wheels to move. We all use toothpaste boxes to put caps on bottles. A dad made a range rover out of a large cardboard box! The kind that can sit in and drive! ——Recently, the police of Longbai Institute in Hongqiao, Shanghai received a police report. A 2-year-old girl was left in the car by her careless parents. The child got the car key and then “locked herself”. At that time, the girl was sweating and the police found the girl holding a spare key. So the police at the same time, shouting “press down, press down!” Under the guidance, the 2-year-old completed self-help. < / P > < p > November 2, Shenyang, Liaoning. According to the detection of Tiexi District CDC, 6 children in “discovery future kindergarten” were detected as norovirus infection. Recently, the kindergarten appeared many children vomiting diarrhea symptoms, the initial investigation for acute gastroenteritis. At present, the kindergarten has been closed. On October 31, a parent in Santai County, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, objected to the Halloween activities held by training institutions: “now this kind of positive energy is defeated by you.”. The parents think that more patriotic knowledge should be popularized to their children. What do you think? < / P > < p > on October 26, a teacher took a picture of himself giving a “reward” to the first student in his class. The female student in the video won the first place in the language test. She received a large number of snacks that she almost didn’t hold as a reward. She was shocked out of her expression pack. The warm and lovely scene was hilarious. < p > < p > following the promulgation of the most prohibition of alcohol in various places, the 45th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People’s Congress of Shenzhen Municipality on October 29 passed the resolution, which will also be implemented on January 1, next year. Article 46 stipulates: it is forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages in medical and health institutions, social welfare institutions specially serving minors, and places mainly providing education, teaching and activities for minors. It is prohibited to sell alcoholic beverages by using automatic selling equipment, and to sell alcoholic beverages to minors. If it is difficult to determine whether a person has reached adulthood, he shall be required to show his identity card; if he is unable to produce his identity card, he shall not be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages to him. In case of violation of the regulations, the market supervision and administration department will order it to make corrections and impose a fine of 30000 yuan. It is also required that sellers of alcoholic drinks and carbonated drinks should set up health damage warning signs on shelves or counters. If the business does not set up relevant marks, the market supervision and management department shall give a warning and order it to correct within a time limit; if it fails to correct within the time limit, it shall be fined 1000 yuan. < p > < p > on October 28, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the traffic police corps of Shanghai Public Security Bureau issued a notice on the implementation of the “one helmets and one belt” security operation in schools in Shanghai. Students under 12 years old are required not to ride bicycles or share bicycles, and wear safety helmets when riding motorcycles, electric bicycles or bicycles. < p > < p > in view of parents’ and students’ over burden of homework for primary and secondary school students, Taiyuan recently issued new regulations, which clearly states that: (1) primary and secondary schools should coordinate the total amount of homework by grade group, and the difficulty of homework should not exceed the requirements of the curriculum standard; (2) schools should not assign homework through wechat and QQ groups in principle; and (3) implement the system of “no homework every week and day” in the city. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so