Parenting Craze: father’s kindness and filial piety or all kinds of digging? A great reward for the old father with his baby

Policy, education, parenting, safety, health, Celebrity All kinds of popular parenting information is in the “one week parenting hot search”, you don’t need to brush your microblog every day to know what’s new this week! Come and watch the hot search with the wave flower! What does an old father look like with his baby? Many people think it’s unreliable, but there are also exceptions. For example, recently, a 2-year-old baby broke a glass bottle while playing, and his father’s education method attracted praise from countless netizens; another father caught his baby as soon as he fell off the rocking bed, and “extreme operation” was highly praised. However, whenever you think that the old father has finally become reliable, the reality may take advantage of your unprepared, suddenly slap in the face, such as the father who prepared the extra large dead leaves for the baby Let’s see. < p > < p > on November 3, a 2-year-old baby was playing near a pond in Yixing, Jiangsu Province, breaking glass bottles. Mr. Gu said that although the pool was cleaned regularly, he was afraid that the debris would cut others, and he also wanted to let his son know that he should learn to take responsibility. Netizen: the power of example!

don’t make complaints about Dad’s reliable baby. Recently, a netizen at home, the baby suddenly fell off the rocking bed, and the father on the sofa strode to the baby with a lightning fast stride to catch it before the baby’s head landed on the ground! Seeing that the child was all right, dad was relieved and couldn’t help laughing. Netizen: what a thrilling scene! When their children are in danger, dads will become superheroes. When there is no danger, they are the most dangerous. Ha ha ha ha – Yang wanxuan – Lancelot < / P > < p > on November 5, the picture of cute baby taking super large “withered leaves” to kindergarten became popular and amused netizens. The class group asked the children to take some dead leaves to the school for art class. The father arranged a “giant dead leaf” twice as high as the child. The child said he was helpless and the teacher was shocked. Netizen: is this going to Huoyanshan? < p > < p > on November 3, a primary school student in Wuhan went to a digital store to take a trial tablet computer online class. The store manager said that the child’s tablet computer broke down, her parents were on a business trip, and her grandmother didn’t bring enough money with her. When she saw that she had wiped the tablet clean, she was soft hearted and promised to let her write down the IOU and use the tablet on credit. The next day the girl came to pay the full amount. < / P > < p > for the children’s handicraft class in kindergarten, parents all show their magic power. A mother made an elephant out of a washing liquid bucket, which attracted people to watch. She also specially shared the production process. She used a detergent bucket to draw, cut and spell, and a vivid “elephant” was made. Netizen: This is arranged for their own children! Recently, a carpenter’s grandfather in Longyan, Fujian Province, saw a Trojan horse bought by his neighbor’s family for his children, so he made a unique one for his grandson by hand. According to the grandfather’s son, Mr. Jin, the Trojan horse was made by hand, which lasted more than a week. Both children liked it very much. < / P > < p > November 10, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. In Xuanhua District, some parents reported to the kindergarten that they gave the students rotten food. After receiving the feedback, the local authorities investigated and dealt with the problems reflected by the parents. On the evening of the 10th, the relevant leaders of Xuanhua District told their parents that they would arrange physical examination for all children, and the principal would suspend his duty for examination and publicly apologize. < / P > < p > “Mom, other children have their mothers around. Do you want us In recent days, a short video of “Mom, my brother and I miss you very much” has swept the screen of many netizens in Nanchong, Sichuan. On November 10, Red Star News saw Lao Jian, the father-in-law of the two brothers and sisters. He said that he could not contact his daughter at present and did not know where she was. A few years ago, her son-in-law, Liu, had repeatedly started beating her daughter. Last year, her daughter sued for divorce through the court, but was not allowed to do so. In this regard, Liu said that he had beaten his wife because of some household chores, but now he has changed. As long as his wife can come back, he can write a letter of guarantee; his two children are still young, and they always miss her very much, hoping that his wife can come back to accompany the children to grow up. < p > < p > recently, a primary school student imitates make-up to become a fan of netizens. She took the pen in her hand as a make-up brush and a small rubber as a mirror. She imitated the process of make-up. She painted her eyebrows and brushed her eyelashes in a professional way. Finally, she used her student ID card as a mirror and enjoyed it. Netizen: This professional level I feel ashamed! Recently, the Ministry of Education released a sample survey on the eyesight of primary and secondary school students. The results show that the myopia rate of primary and secondary school students in China has increased by 11.7% in the last half year, especially for primary school students. In a short period of half a year, the myopia rate has increased by 15.2%. There are also data shows that the main indicators of physical health of children and adolescents in China have been declining for more than 20 years, and 33% of them have health hazards of different degrees. For a long time, China lacks a scientific and systematic health education and physical monitoring and intervention system, and less than 30% of the students exercise one hour a day. Recently, the scenic spot of wailingding island in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, was established. When a little boy was playing by the sea, he saw an uncle with his hand on his back and was thinking about the sea. He thought that the uncle could not be too short-sighted. He called out: “don’t be upset! The parents of the children said: the children were very serious at that time, for fear that the uncle would have an accident. Netizen: tongyanwuji, childlike innocence ~ < / P > < p > how to distinguish whether the baby is pretending to sleep? Some netizens shared a super practical way, that is – take out a small snack. It is said that the success rate is 100%, many netizens were simply cute baby: This is too cute! < / P > < p > because when passing by the gate of the community, the security personnel took the initiative to take the temperature of the baby. The baby was called “the little cute who cooperated with epidemic prevention best”. Netizens: not only cute, but also very conscious. It seems that parents’ Education is very good. CUISINE&HEALTH