Parenting Craze: many netizens denounce “gnawing” by netizens

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Mr. Luo, from Changsha, asked his son to play outdoors for 2 hours every day and never reported to him a tutorial class, which was highly praised by netizens. However, the parents of Peiqi, a 3-year-old “xiaowanghong” with a weight of more than 70 Jin, insisted on letting her daughter eat barbecue and sausage, and said that she could only earn money by eating and sowing Peiqi, which attracted a lot of doubts Let’s see.

Luo Han, a 9-year-old boy in Changsha, didn’t go to cram school during the summer vacation. Instead, he learned a variety of outdoor sports: canoeing, skiing, outdoor survival, etc. Luohan said that in order to protect his eyesight, his father asked him to have enough outdoor sports time, “do not play two hours a day, no homework.”. Father Rogge believes that it is more important for children to have a healthy body and mind.

recently, a 3-year-old “little net star” Paiqi has attracted people’s attention because her weight is too exaggerated. In a social video website, Peggy’s mother registered an account for her. Although there were only 5157 fans, the maximum playback volume of a single video reached 55.6w. In May this year, three-year-old Peggy was over 60 kg, and now she is 70 kg. Many netizens suggested that Paiqi should pay attention to the balanced diet, but Paiqi’s parents turned a blind eye and continued to let their children eat barbecue, kebab and sausage, and often announced excitedly: “break through 100 kg immediately!” Is little Peggy really willing to eat so much? It may not be the case. In a video, adults constantly add food to little Peggy. Little Peggy repeatedly asks in a tender voice: don’t do it, don’t do it. Her parents agreed and filled up the plate she had just eaten. Some lawyers said that the guardian of the girl or suspected of maltreatment, the lawyer said that other close relatives of the abused person could also sue, and the relevant units and organizations could also report to the people’s Procuratorate, expose and intervene, and stop such behavior in a timely manner.

on the evening of August 24, Paiqi’s parents responded to reporters that Peiqi was born as a “giant child” with a weight of 9 kg. “How could my own child be fed so fat on purpose. She was so fat, but she usually ate a little fried, but she couldn’t be allowed to eat at all

the two people said that it was not true that the children should be “eating and broadcasting” to make money. Although they did “earn hundreds of Yuan”, they just took the video just for fun. “I didn’t say that she made money on this. She ate more than I did.”

recently, a company asked an employee to write sales experience every day during maternity leave, which caused heated discussion. The company is Shanghai banmuxuan Furniture Co., Ltd. according to the company’s e-mail, the HR Department asked the employee to complete a sales support experience every day, with 600 words per hour, 50 yuan for a wrong word, 100 yuan for a repeated sentence, and 500 yuan for late or missed payment. In this regard, @ banmoo official micro blog said that the company will strictly abide by national laws and regulations, reflect and properly handle. Liang Chen, a lawyer from Beijing Zhongwen law firm, told Lanjing: first, the labor protection for female employees stipulates that female employees enjoy maternity allowance during maternity leave, so it is the company’s obligation to pay wages. Second, the company does not have the right to fine. The fine and administrative penalty belong to the administrative organ. “Considering her poor eyesight during lactation, I arranged you to write in order to protect you.” this is also a very unreasonable and punitive way, as well as some personal attacks. If the employer violates the law, the laborer may propose to terminate the labor contract at any time and claim compensation from the employer.

on August 25, the staff of the company told reporters that they had communicated with female employees and reached an agreement. The staff said that the female employees have been working in the company for six years and are willing to continue to work in the company. The company will reflect on the adjustment in the future. However, on the afternoon of August 27, Banmu company, the company concerned, also issued a micro blog saying that the party concerned finally decided to terminate the labor contract with the company, and the company would also negotiate with the company on subsequent compensation and other demands.

at today’s press conference held by the Ministry of education, LV Yugang, director of the Department of basic education of the Ministry of education, said that we should make overall plans for epidemic prevention and control, education and teaching, make overall plans for different grades, classes and disciplines, and strictly follow the “zero starting point” teaching standard for primary schools. Lu Yugang said that we should purify the environment for the growth of young people. Focus on the rectification of unhealthy network social behavior, vulgar and harmful information and addiction to online games that affect the healthy growth of minors, clean up illegal and harmful information on social online course platform, and purify the network environment for the healthy growth of teenagers. In addition, it is necessary to standardize the recommendation and use of extracurricular reading bibliography of primary and secondary school students, so as to prevent harmful books from entering the campus. All localities should guide training institutions to conscientiously implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, without any slack.

recently, a video of Yichang grandfather making a “car” for his grandson has aroused heated discussion among netizens. “Car” looks like a sedan chair, with four universal wheels at the bottom, and its body is made of bamboo and wood. The grandson sat on it, and his grandfather pushed it behind him. It was like a roller coaster. Netizen: I also want such a grandfather.

recently, a woman released a video in Dazhou, Sichuan Province. My sister just finished the vaccination, she was wearing a sleeveless skirt, the injection place can not cover, so she changed clothes with her brother. The younger sister put on his brother’s short sleeves, while the elder brother was walking on the road in his younger sister’s flowered skirt, with helpless and embarrassed on his face. Brother’s warm heart behavior sprouted many netizens, netizens said: my brother paid too much for this family.

on August 23, near Dongchang Road driving test center in Yongbei Town, Yongsheng County, Yunnan Province, a 3-year-old boy was taken away by a woman in the car. The local police carried out the work of blocking the card. The boy’s father said that at the time of the incident, the boy’s grandmother went to chase the running cow and put the child on the roadside, and then someone drove the child away. On the 25th, the police found the boy in a cave on the mountain in Yongbei Town, Yongsheng County, and successfully rescued him! Police have arrested the suspects he and Xiong.

on August 22, the first domestic cervical cancer vaccine was launched in Shanghai. Compared with the imported vaccine, it has the same efficacy in preventing HPV 16 / 18 associated precancerous lesions and persistent infection, and the domestic vaccine is cheaper.

at present, 31 provinces, autonomous regions and cities across the country have made clear the arrangements for the opening of autumn semester, and the school starts at different peaks according to the measures of stages and batches. Primary and secondary schools and kindergartens all over the country start school around September 1. Summer vacation is coming to an end. During this period, what is the most impressive thing for your child? Share it in the comments section=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>BEAUTY&SKIN CARE