Parents are tall, but children are short What’s going on? Doctors share the secret of Changgao!

It refers to that under the similar environment, the height is 2 standard deviations lower than the average height of normal people of the same race, same age and same sex, and the annual growth rate is less than 5cm or below the percentile of the growth curve of normal children.

if parents find that their children are the shortest of the same-sex children in the class, or the annual growth height is less than 5cm, they should consider that the child may have growth disorders.

according to the survey, 90% of children with short stature have different degrees of psychological or behavioral disorders such as inferiority complex, depression and introversion, which affect their children’s future education, spouse selection and employment, and many occupations also have certain requirements for height.

although there is a close relationship between height and heredity, what is inherited is only a range of height, with a deviation of about 8cm up and down. In China, 30% of children are not long enough for hereditary height.

voice change and menarche indicate that the child has entered the middle and late stages of puberty, and the peak of height increase has passed. At this stage, the bone growth zone of the child is close to closing, and the height begins to enter the countdown.

it is not necessarily a good thing for a child to suddenly grow fast before puberty. It may be precocious puberty. Children with precocious puberty develop their physique and close their epiphysis ahead of time. Usually, the growth time of children with precocious puberty is shorter than that of normal children, but they are shorter than ordinary children in adulthood.

affected by genetic factors, late growth is also possible. Generally, the bone age of late growing children lags behind that of normal children. But some children’s bone age lags behind because of malnutrition, sleeping too late, too much pressure, less exercise, etc., and growth hormone has been unable to be fully secreted. Such children are not high now and may not grow tall in the future.

some parents are proud that their children are not picky about food, have a good appetite, eat a large amount of food, and provide excessive nutrition without restraint. They think that this is the basis for growing tall in the future, but what they finally get is horizontal development.

at present, catch-up growth is mainly achieved by injecting recombinant human growth hormone. In the first year, the average height increased by 8-15 cm, which was safe and effective.

in China, the average age for medical treatment is 11-16 years old, which has missed the golden opportunity for diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, parents should regularly monitor the growth rate and height of their children, and intervene as soon as possible, so as to give full play to genetic potential and maximize their height at the end of adulthood.

the growth rate of height was observed, once every 3 months within 1 year old, followed up for 6 months after 1 year old, and the growth rate of one year was calculated. After 2 years of age, the baby whose height growth speed is more than 5 cm can be excluded from short stature.

special attention should be paid to balanced nutrition. However, it is not allowed to give the baby a large amount of supplements just because the baby is short, because it may contain hormones, which may stimulate children’s early development and maturity, resulting in short stature.

this is very important. If the height of children is lower than normal children, it is recommended to check them once a year. The radiation of bone age films is very small, and the amount and frequency of this degree will not cause too much impact.