Parents criticize pupils for failing to finish homework

On October 10, a video spread on the Internet: a girl grabbed a steel bar on the edge of the roof of a residential area and dropped her whole body down. The girl hesitated for a moment when she heard the cry from downstairs. Unfortunately, in the end, she chose to give up. In a burst of shrieking, the girl unfortunately fell to the ground and died. < / P > < p > “it happened yesterday afternoon after school. It was about 18 PM.” On October 10, Pingguo City Education Bureau related staff disclosed to the Red Star News, “this girl is a primary school sixth grade student, she fell from the top floor of the community, that building has 26 stories high, after falling down, people on the spot can’t do it.” < / P > < p > a number of owners of the residential area disclosed to the Red Star news that the girl who fell from a building and died failed to complete the homework assigned by the teacher during the National Day holiday. The teacher called to tell the parents that the parents criticized the child, and the child fell from the building. People close to the police confirmed the above statement to Red Star News. < p > < p > when Red Star News asked Pingguo Education Bureau for confirmation, the staff of the above-mentioned Education Bureau said that after the crime, the police also called on schools and parents to communicate and ask questions. The specific reasons for this have not been determined yet. < p > < p > Pingguo city is a county-level city, which is managed by Baise City. Baise Education Bureau also reported to the Red Star news that after the incident, they had already known about the incident, “but the specific reason is still under investigation in Pingguo.”. In response to the Red Star News interview on October 10, Pingguo Public Security Bureau said that after the crime, they went to the scene to understand the situation at the first time, “but the specific reason is still under investigation, and the Education Bureau has not given us feedback.” 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”