Parents do not grade homework need to write a description? Teacher: it can improve efficiency and save time

Recently, a video of “Tucao parents group” make complaints about the whole nation. Many netizens complain that they are busy at ordinary times and have to deal with all kinds of tasks assigned to parents by teachers in the group of parents.

on November 4, Ms. Ming of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, disclosed to the surging news that her children’s math homework had been asked to be corrected by her parents, and if she did not, she needed to provide a handwritten version of the situation to the teacher.

Ms. Ming complained that she was a single parent family. It was more than 10 o’clock when she came home from work outside. She had to grade the children’s homework according to the teacher’s requirements, “I’m exhausted physically and mentally and I can’t do what I want.”

Ms. Ming told the surging news that her child was studying in the third grade of a primary school in Nanchang city. On the evening of the 3rd, she was asked by the teacher to provide a description of the situation because she did not correct the math homework for her child.

the fact sheet says, “unfortunately, I haven’t had enough time to teach my children about their studies and homework Our family is a very special family. I raise children by myself, which can be said to be both a father and a mother It’s 9:18 p.m., and I’m still working in the factory, and I haven’t even had dinner yet. Yesterday, I was working, and I didn’t come home until nearly 12 o’clock in the evening… ”

at the end of the note, “the child’s grandparents are old, and their education is not high, so they will not grade their homework. That’s why I didn’t grade my homework last night. Please forgive me, thank you

on the 3rd, Du Qiang, a math teacher in the class where Ms. Ming’s children are working, told the surging news, “the teacher is not not not correcting, but correcting it twice. They first approve it once, and I will do it again.” Mr. Du said handwritten instructions were not mandatory either. Previously, I hoped that parents would provide it because they would let them tell them about the special situation in their families, “if you told me in advance, it doesn’t matter. There are really special circumstances. Our teacher will make corrections. ”

Du Qiang said that the reason for parents to mark students’ homework is to improve work efficiency and save time. “If parents also participate in grading, I can grade homework in one class. If parents don’t grade, I will spend two classes. I have no time to do other things. Sometimes I have no time to drink water.”

on the afternoon of the same day, another teacher Zhou, who was in charge of enrollment and other related matters, told the surging news that the starting point of the teacher’s request was definitely for parents to know more about their children. From the perspective of children’s learning situation, “parents do not grade homework, handwriting instructions must be to let parents pay more attention to children’s education.” Zhou said that the relevant information will be fed back to the school principal, and the specific needs of the school investigation and verification.

according to media reports, previously, Hefei, Anhui, Taiyuan, Shanxi and other places have issued documents, forbidding parents to correct homework, and strictly forbid publishing students’ grades and rankings in any way. Focus