Parents of 40% of Chinese students in Prato, Italy, who are absent from school or face lawsuits

With the continuous deterioration of the epidemic situation in Italy, the absence of Chinese children from Prato has drawn great attention, according to the European network, citing the European Union News Agency. Recently, local school leaders once again appealed to the government and the judiciary to investigate the involvement of Chinese parents in preventing their children from going to school, and investigate the relevant responsibilities, and urge Chinese students who are absent from school to return to school as soon as possible. According to the latest statistics from the Education Department of Prato, although the attendance rate of Chinese students in Prato is higher than that in September, more than 40% of the students still fail to return to school as required. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Chinese students have become the highest school absenteeism group of all ethnic groups. Prato Claudio Pudu school has a high proportion of local Chinese students. After the outbreak of the second wave of epidemic, the school has received many letters of protest from parents of Chinese students, asking the school to conduct distance teaching for students, and some parents of Chinese students even asked lawyers to come forward to negotiate. This has triggered strong dissatisfaction from local educational institutions and schools. Santa GATA, the principal of Claudio Pudu school, publicly told the media that he could not respond to the irrational demands of parents of any ethnic students. And stressed that only in the case of an emergency when the government ordered the school to be closed, would distance teaching be opened. According to the results of a social media poll published by the Italian national newspaper, as many as 94% of the parents of school-age students living in Italy are so afraid of the epidemic that they are unwilling or unwilling to send their children to school in the new school year. Whether Chinese children can normally receive compulsory education in Italy has been highly concerned by educational institutions. < p > < p > since September 2020, baga, the principal of Prato Sao Paulo school, has been urging parents of Chinese students to send their children to school, but so far, little has been achieved. A few days ago, baga once again asked the Prato Education Bureau to urge the judicial authorities to intervene in the investigation and investigate the responsibility of the parents of Chinese students for hindering their children from enjoying the compulsory education of the state. To promote the Chinese youth to return to the classroom as soon as possible, to study together with the local youth, and to grow and progress together. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”