Parents of a 13-year-old boy in Dalian apologized publicly: smashing pot and selling iron to make full compensation

The latest progress has been made in the case of CAI, a 13-year-old boy in Dalian, who killed a 10-year-old girl Wang. On November 6, the Red Star News reporter learned from he Meiling, the mother of the murdered girl Wang, that Cai’s parents published an apology to her today.

Qi Qi’s relatives: sorry! We solemnly apologize to Qiqi and Qiqi’s family. We are Cai Weiwei and Zhuang Xianjie of the case No.60 in the early Republic of China in Liao 0204. As parents of the children, we neglected to discipline the children, failed to manage and educate the children, which led to the tragedy of Qiqi. We blame ourselves, guilt, regret, the tragedy of Qiqi’s family is a heavy blow, Qiqi’s parents lost their daughter, we are extremely sorry, the tragedy occurred, we regret, is our parents’ dereliction of duty and failure, we usually did not educate good children, resulting in irreparable consequences, is our fault, we are really sorry! Qiqi’s parents and family members, we are very regret, we have to use our life to repent, we are sincerely repentant, sincerely apologize!

the text also said, “we will definitely make compensation according to the judgment. Even if we sell iron and sell iron, we will try our best to compensate. We know that no amount of money can make up for the pain of losing our relatives. Our children have caused great pain to Qiqi’s parents. We do not dare to ask for the forgiveness of Qiqi’s parents. We sincerely apologize, and we also apologize to Qiqi and Qi again on behalf of our children Qi’s family say sorry

“when I saw this apology letter this morning, tears were pouring out.” He Meiling told the Red Star News reporter that her daughter had been away for more than a year, and she finally waited for the letter of apology. “From the beginning to the end, I was asking them. If they sincerely apologized, they should have come to apologize.” So and so she and her parents said that they would repent, and how they would like to compensate her parents.

“my daughter’s body has not been cremated yet. There is no investigation result on whether Cai’s parents are covering up. After all the results are clear, I can deal with the aftermath of my daughter.” He Meiling said.

as previously reported by Red Star News, on October 20, 2019, a 13-year-old boy from Dalian killed Wang, a 10-year-old girl, and threw his body into the bush. Due to suspect Tsai Mou did not reach the statutory age of criminal responsibility, the police carried out a detention for Cai Mou for a period of 3 years. Subsequently, the family members of the girl killed filed a civil lawsuit against CAI and her parents.

on August 10, 2020, the case was adjudicated in Shahekou District People’s Court of Dalian city. The judgment results showed that the defendants Cai Xiaowei and Zhuang Xiaojie publicly apologized to the plaintiffs Wang Zhaozhang and he Xiling on Liaoning provincial-level print media within 10 days from the effective date of the judgment; the defendants CAI and Zhuang made a total of 12860 compensation to the plaintiffs Wang Zhaozhang and he Xiling within 10 days from the effective date of the judgment 24 yuan.

after that, Cai’s parents refused to cooperate with the court because they failed to fulfill the court’s judgment. They were detained by the court for 15 days and their house was auctioned. There will be no auction after the auction of the house under the name of CAI’s parents ended on November 3. The second round of auction will be held on November 19, with the previous auction price of 1.14 million yuan falling to 1 million yuan. Information sharing for epilepsy patients