Parents’ school in Xilin Gol Grassland: parents are unwilling to be absent

On the evening of May 5, the teacher on the platform was the head teacher of the first grade of Mongolian primary school in Abaga banner, Xilin Gol League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, while dozens of parents were sitting under the stage. Everyone packed the classroom, some with children, some standing listening, most of them taking notes. This is a tutorial class for parents.

“parents are very concerned about their children’s growth, but they don’t coach their children. Most of them are herdsmen. They often can’t master the methods well. Sometimes they can only criticize their children in a hurry. ” This is a special basic knowledge guidance class for parents, four times a week, for parents of Grade 1-3 students. “Since the opening of the class for two months, there are more than ten students in each class at the beginning, and now there are 60-70 students. Because the class capacity is limited, now we ask a family to have only one parent. ”

the reporter saw on the scene of the tutorial class that in addition to teaching guidance, the course content will also be interspersed with the way to get along with children and family education concepts, such as requiring parents to play less with mobile phones and emphasizing the way of communication with children. “Teachers are all teachers in charge of classes. They also know more about the children’s situation and will give some suggestions to the parents accordingly.” Said spintuya.

Abaga banner, located in the hinterland of Xilingol Grassland, is a banner county mainly engaged in animal husbandry. Local people generally attach importance to children’s education. For the children who go to school in the nearby towns, many families will give up grazing on large grasslands and choose to accompany them in the flag.

in order to emphasize the concept of “paying attention to family, family education and family style”, Abaga banner proposed a five-year family education plan in 2018, which took parent schools or family education guidance service stations as part of the government’s public service, and tried to build a inclusive public service mode of family education with government guidance, social coordination and public participation.

in July 2020, the Abaga banner family education guidance service station covering an area of more than 500 square meters was officially put into operation. The local Party committee and government plan to make it a training school for parents. In the future, most parents’ training activities will be carried out here. Nowadays, the family style and family instruction exhibition hall, parent-child reading room, parent-child training classroom, parents’ Forum room and psychological counseling room have been put into use.

“they are in the process of gradual improvement. For example, there is no professional psychological teacher in the psychological counseling room. Instead, they coordinate psychological teachers from various schools to” work part-time. ” The family education guidance service station is located in the local vocational education comprehensive training base, and the director of the training base smoothly and truthfully told the reporter.

according to statistics, up to now, there have been 73 education themed activities such as “family education lecture hall”, “parents’ reception day”, “family visit” and “parent-child co reading”, with 5220 parents participating.

it is reported that the most popular one here is the parent training classroom. There are not only evening remedial classes for parents, but also professional lectures of “lecturer group” in the afternoon of each working day.

“there are department leaders, volunteers, school principals and experts in family education The teaching contents are all designed by ourselves, aiming at children of different ages. Campus bullying and other social hot spots, children’s mental health content are involved Abaga banner Education Bureau Guan Working Committee Director Zhou Lichun introduced. “There is only one main purpose, that is, to cultivate morality and cultivate people.”

in order to enhance the enthusiasm of parents to participate, a “punch in” booklet is also prepared for each parent. Parents are required to participate in at least 10 home visits, class meetings, evening classes, lectures and other family education and training courses every semester.

Zhou Lichun said: “at present, parents are also willing to accept this way, and schools can spare a certain amount of work energy to enrich teaching.”

“my daughter has just worked and my son is in his senior year. There was no cram school like this when they were young. ” Smooth is still the father of two children. He speaks with deep emotion about the change of parents’ ideas and the efforts made by the government over the years.

“at present, the family education work in our banner has initially extended to 11 pilot Gacha communities in 7 Sumu towns, and gradually extended to all Gacha communities in the whole banner. In the next step, we will invite parents to the podium to innovate the activity carrier of parent school in our banner, and continuously improve the educational ability and quality of parents by leading parents to go out for exchange and study, holding parent speech contest, family virtue exhibition competition and other activities Smooth told reporters, “parents personally on the podium, perhaps better than the effect of experts.” Pets