Parents spend 230000 to buy tutoring results for their children

According to the wechat message of “education and Sports Bureau of Qibin District, Hebi City”, in view of a recent media report, the education and Sports Bureau of Qibin District, Henan Province, attaches great importance to it. An investigation team was set up at the first time to conduct a detailed investigation on the whole incident. The investigation results are now released to the public. In October 2019, Ms. Zhou sent her children and their cousins to Yuanda training school for one-on-two counseling for the third day of junior high school. The parents of the students paid a total of 227600 yuan for four times. The parents of the students reflect that the oral commitment of the school can be admitted to the listed high school or the municipal foreign language middle school after training. Because the two sides have not signed a written training agreement, they can not confirm it now. After negotiation, both parties have reached an agreement on tuition refund between Yuanda training school and students’ parents. According to the investigation, the education and Sports Bureau has issued an order to the training school to suspend classes within a time limit for rectification. If the reform and acceptance are not qualified, it will be revoked. Focus