Parents threw their children directly into school because they were late

From today, parents are forbidden to throw their children into the campus! According to French TV station 3 reported on the 10th, a special notice of “no throwing children to school” in a primary school has attracted attention on the Internet recently. < / P > < p > a special notice with illustrations was posted at the gate of a primary school in Avignon, France: “danger! I don’t throw children! If I’m late to see my child off, I can send him / her to school at 10:00. ” It is reported that the “ban on throwing children” was introduced because the school closed its doors at 9 a.m., and some parents who came to see their children off because they were late raised their children over the railing and directly “threw” them into the school. The school has decided to put up a notice banning the practice, although it has not yet caused a safety accident. According to the report, billboards have caused crowds on social networks, and many parents of students in the school are shocked by the practice of “throwing their children to school”. Many netizens also edit the image of the child being thrown into the basket ball in the hands of a slam dunk star or a parcel for a small brother. In the face of media questioning, the schools involved refused to respond. Focus