Parking shed night alarm one after another, pregnant women unable to bear noise alarm solved

Recently, Donggou police station of Nanjing Liuhe Public Security Branch received a “12345” people’s livelihood service hotline work order. The work order reflects that there is noise in a parking shed on Longpao street. The alarm of electric vehicle will ring from time to time every night. My wife is pregnant for several months, and she is woken up by the electric car alarm every night. I hope the police can help solve this problem. After receiving the work order, Donggou police station immediately organized the police to go to the place where the masses complained about the situation. It is known that the parking shed is a newly built free parking shed. Due to its close proximity to the passenger station, countless vehicles are parked every day. People often come to park early in the morning, then go to work by bus, and then ride home after returning from work late at night. The residents near the parking shed have repeatedly had conflicts with the masses of parking vehicles. The police can call the police station to find out the police station when they stop. At the same time, the police carried out on-the-spot education to the people who came to and fro the parking shed to pick up their cars. They were told that they should pay attention to the vehicles nearby when picking up and parking in the parking shed, so as to avoid making the alarm of the surrounding vehicles go off and affect the normal rest of the nearby people, and strengthen the night patrol here. In the police, the noise problem has been effectively alleviated. < / P > < p > the police of Donggou police station have done a lot of work, which has helped to alleviate the nuisance caused by noise and has been recognized by the masses. The residents who originally complained about it called “12345” to express their satisfaction. Focus