Pediatricians in the besieged city: low income, high probability of medical trouble has become a recognized fact

Children’s cooperation is low, and they always use crying to vent their emotions. This makes it more expensive to treat a child than an adult.

they are facing not only children, but also anxious parents of children – very few of them can be rational in the case of their own flesh and blood disease.

in addition, the performance of doctors mainly depends on the number of operating units and dosage. However, children try to avoid surgery and use drugs with caution, which also makes pediatricians have a lower income limit.

according to relevant statistics, the number of pediatricians per 1000 children in China is only 0.53, far below the WHO minimum standard of one pediatrician per 1000 children.

some people have worked as pediatricians for more than 20 years, and they are reluctant to give up their children even if they are low-income and tired because they think they are lovely and need them; some people are in a dilemma during their two-year internship in pediatrics. As a tiny individual, she finds it difficult to confront the contradiction between the whole pediatric system and chooses to leave; others follow the “clinical practice” principle In a relatively relaxed environment, I found a balance between career and life

my mother is a primary school teacher. From kindergarten, I always surrounded by a group of older children. Later, I went to primary school and middle school, and I was surrounded by a group of 7-year-old and 8-year-old children.

but for the elderly with increasingly poor physical function, after a disease attack, the quality of life will become worse, and even need special care.

their lives are just beginning. Once they are cured, they can grow up healthily and become whatever they want to be. This sense of achievement is not comparable to the adult department.

after continuous learning, I realized that human beings can only cure a small part of diseases. Most of the time, we have no way to deal with viruses, bacteria and unknown diseases, which makes me feel powerless.

when a child is ill, he is listless and ill. You can give him some medicine, give him a few injections, and bounce back in a few days, which makes me feel very successful.

if you cure her disease, she will use all kinds of words she has just learned to express her affection for you, kiss you and hold you. This is also a happiness that can not be brought by curing adult patients.

Xiao Mo is very good-looking and loves to laugh. She is also sensible enough to comfort her parents and younger patients. She is also the only child in the whole ward who would say thank you to doctors and nurses.

even if something like this happened to her, she is still the least crying girl I’ve ever seen. It’s very painful to have an osteosarcoma attack.

I can’t leave the children alone. If no one does Pediatrics, more and more children will be unable to survive. How many tragedies like Xiao Mo will be produced!

Maybe it’s me who lives a simple life and has a poor view of money. Now many young doctors complain about low salaries, and their survival pressure is greater than ours.

although I also encounter the situation that parents hold your hair and smash them on the wall and yell at you, there are still very few, and the vast majority of parents will respect you in particular.

I used to say that I was born to be a pediatrician. Over the past 20 years, I have always thought that these children are really lovely and worthy of our care and care. Although there are people around me who have changed careers, I don’t want to go.

doctors spend a considerable part of their time sorting out cases. On the one hand, it is to standardize medical treatment, on the other hand, it is also to protect doctors.

an elder once said that doctors can help adults cure incurable diseases and prolong their life span by 10 years, which is enough to help them move from middle age to middle age and create great value for their family and society.

but for children, it is not enough to extend their life span by 10 years. If we want them to be able to overcome diseases and get longer, we need to extend them by at least 20-30 years.

without the support of a mature pediatric internal medicine and pediatric surgery system with a clear division of labor, it will be difficult to achieve much, and the domestic Pediatrics will eventually be reduced to a “Pediatrics” that looks at fever, cough and diarrhea.

in the whole medical students’ environment, I am too small to do anything to promote. I will probably leave Pediatrics, but I still hope that Pediatrics will get better and better.

for example, “the county hospital in my hometown”: the prices in the county are low, the income and social status of doctors are higher, so working in the county hospital can obtain a more comfortable life.

I completed the training at the age of 28 and stayed as a pediatrician in one of the top hospitals in our province, but the life there is really not suitable for me.

I have a lot of work pressure and my income can’t meet my expectations. I work like a robot every day, and I have to do scientific research after work. Otherwise, I won’t be able to evaluate a professional title.

doctors also have scientific research tasks, and the number of published papers and gold content are the most important indicators. I am in a university teaching hospital, for this aspect the request is more strict.

on the one hand, we all follow the superior doctors in ward rounds and bed management to learn clinical experience; on the other hand, we have to run to the laboratory, learn English, write papers and meet the successive examinations.

this is not the same as the life I want. I like clinical practice and enjoy the process of treating patients and saving people. As for the academic achievements, it is not so important for me.

I seldom use infusion. I will make detailed inquiries and popularize some medical knowledge for parents. I have gradually formed my own mode, which has a good reputation among parents.

the charges in my clinic are more expensive than those in the Department, and most of the drugs prescribed go through the pharmacy in the clinic. Therefore, my income is considerable, much more than before.

I don’t like to be competitive. I just want to do a good job simply. Taking root at the grass-roots level is also contributing to China’s health cause.

in fact, professional and reliable pediatricians are also in short supply in most counties, fourth and fifth tier cities and towns, so I think my choice is still great. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE