People are not fat, fat belly? Maybe it’s related to these three reasons. Don’t be careless

I found that my body did not show obesity, but the abdominal fat increased significantly, so I need to be vigilant. Abdominal obesity and many reasons, to understand the specific factors, take reasonable measures, generally have this figure does not rule out that some types of disease in the development of abdominal fat accumulation or other adverse symptoms, will show abdominal obesity. < / P > < p > people with thin limbs have fat abdomen, which can not be ruled out as the development of fatty liver. After the appearance of fatty liver, the content of fatty substances in liver cells increases, and abdominal obesity will be obvious. Visceral fat accumulation not only affects the function of viscera, but also makes the abdominal volume increase significantly, resulting in obesity. Therefore, in the process of improving fatty liver, we should pay attention to the correct diet and control weight by reducing the intake of high-fat and high sugar food. In addition, usually do not drink a lot, the use of drugs should be correct, through these ways can improve liver function, otherwise a large number of liver cell fat accumulation, function decline in the process of fatty liver disease is serious, mild fatty liver into severe fatty liver, treatment difficulty will also increase. < / P > < p > obvious abdominal obesity is caused by spleen deficiency. Many people will have abdominal obesity after the decline of spleen function and the body’s ability to transport water and humidity. However, this kind of obesity is not caused by local accumulation of fat substances, but by excessive accumulation of water in the body, which is similar to the performance of obesity. The obvious feature is that the abdomen becomes larger. If it is related to spleen deficiency, we should improve the function of spleen and stomach through diet regulation. In addition, we can use the effect of medicine to improve the function of spleen and enhance the body’s ability to transport water and humidity, because the adverse symptoms caused by spleen deficiency will be improved. < / P > < p > no one is fat, but the abdomen is obviously bigger, which may be the development of more serious liver disease, especially for people with liver cirrhosis. In the process of the development of the disease, portal hypertension will appear, which will affect the formation of liver ascites. Ascites is obvious, local fluid accumulation is more and more, and the health of the patients is threatened. In addition to obvious abdominal distension, the patients also suffer from liver cirrhosis There may be abdominal obesity. < / P > < p > if accompanied by liver disease, facial appearance, lower limb swelling, liver pain and other conditions appear, it means that the liver function is seriously decreased, we need to be alert to cirrhosis, and improve the condition through the first time treatment, otherwise cirrhosis will continue to develop, which may increase the risk of liver cancer. < / P > < p > if you observe that your abdomen is obviously getting fat, you need to know whether there are any of the above situations. No matter what kind of situation, you need to be vigilant. Through reasonable treatment, you need to actively improve your body, keep healthy, and the special changes of your body shape will be improved. Otherwise, if you are obviously obese in your abdomen, you will not pay attention to it, and some health risks will be buried, and your body will not be in good condition. 08/16/2020