People get shorter and older? Doctors remind: may be caused by this disease, 5 teach you effective prevention!

Is the most important reason, the human body in the 30-40 years old this stage, its bone mass peak reaches the peak, then slowly drops, is prone to osteoporosis.

in addition, with the compression of the vertebral body, each vertebral body can be shortened by as much as 2mm, and the average height will be reduced by less than 6cm. At the same time, the spine and the muscles supporting the spine are also slowly weakened, and people are becoming more and more old.

patients with osteoporosis may fracture if they bump or cough a little while walking, which has become one of the important problems threatening human health.

protein is one of the important raw materials for bone composition. Sufficient protein in the human body can promote the absorption of calcium by the body, which can help the storage of calcium and effectively prevent osteoporosis.

protein can be obtained from a variety of foods, such as milk, bone, eggs and so on. Food is the treasure house of human body’s intake of nutrition, so it must be reasonably matched.

for postmenopausal women, the elderly or patients with osteoporosis, the daily supplement of calcium should reach 1000 mg. If you can’t meet the needs through diet, you may as well take calcium under the guidance of a doctor.

vitamin D can promote the body’s absorption of calcium, which is good for preventing osteoporosis. May as well eat food rich in vitamin D, such as egg yolk, liver, salmon, tuna and other food.

the amount of salt and sugar in the body may hinder the absorption of calcium, especially the salt. If the daily intake of salt is excessive, it will not only block the body’s absorption of calcium, but also affect the health of kidney or cardiovascular system.

and proper weight-bearing exercise will exert certain pressure and resistance on the bones. For patients with osteoporosis, they need to consult doctors before choosing their own way.

therefore, we need to achieve reasonable nutrition matching, regular exercise, healthy lifestyle, less smoking and drinking, be careful to prevent injuries, use medicine carefully, and strengthen all protective measures for ourselves. Osteoporosis will be far away from you. 08/17/2020