People infected with the new coronavirus may suffer from years of health effects, experts warn

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last year, more than 100000 people participated in the three-day event. On New Year’s Eve alone, the iconic fireworks show attracted 80000 participants.

according to the latest HSE data, there are 110 inpatients of covid-19 in Ireland, which is the highest number in more than 100 days, and the number of ICUs has also risen to 18.

HSE director Paul Reid tweeted: “we now have 110 cases of covid19, 18 in ICU. Although it is lower than the peak of our worst period, the impact on our hospital is serious. ”

the chairman of nphet epidemiological modeling Advisory Group explained how people get false negative test results. He said that when the virus starts to spread in your cells, people sometimes get negative test results in the early stage of the virus. When a person starts to recover from a defect, the test still has a 30% chance of not identifying a positive case.

Professor Sam McKenzie, associate professor and head of the Department of international health and tropical medicine at the Royal College of surgeons in Ireland, said that some patients still have severe lung, heart or brain dysfunction after three to six months.

Professor McConkey said he is leading an extensive study with colleagues at Beaumont Hospital on the impact of coronavirus on patients. He is currently evaluating about 200 patients previously diagnosed with covid-19. The study is expected to last for five months.

health experts are keeping a close eye on the southern hemisphere to understand how seasonal flu and covid-19 interact and warn that compliance with public health measures will be more important than ever this winter. Any significant level of flu in the community could cause detection and tracking systems to be overwhelmed in people with similar symptoms, they said. There are concerns that this will lead to missed diagnosis of covid-19 cases and an increase in community and hospital cases.

chief clinical officer, Dr. Colm Henry, said: “we learned from that before the flu season hit Ireland. So we know that this year will definitely be better, but it will come, every year. ”

lead researcher Dr. Alan Foxman said it was unclear whether the annual seasonal spread of the common cold virus would have a similar impact on infection rates in people exposed to the coronavirus that causes covid-19. Asked if there was any evidence that other viruses might prevent people from contracting covid-19 this winter, Dr. Henry said: “there is no cross immunity between influenza and covid-19. They are two different diseases.”

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