“People sleep three times, life is thinner than paper”, which three sleep? You might as well know earlier

Nowadays, the concept of health preservation is more and more popular. Many people can get rid of the habit of staying up late and form the habit of going to bed early and getting up early. To know that one third of one’s life is spent in sleep, which shows the importance of a high-quality sleep to human health. Not staying up late is a very good sleep habit.

as the saying goes, “a man’s life is thinner than paper when he sleeps three times”. It can be seen that sleep is also a major factor in maintaining his health. So what are the three sleep here? Now let’s learn about it.

staying up late has become a common problem for many young people. If they don’t have work and study tasks the next day, some people will go to bed very late the day before.

if we stay up late for a long time, we can’t help sleeping in. Often sleeping in will not only disturb the body’s biological clock, but also increase the burden on the body, because sleeping in may make us miss breakfast time or eat breakfast very late. At this time may also increase the burden of the stomach, resulting in gastrointestinal dysfunction.

some people with special nature of work or on night shift may have black and white reversed, which is the rule of people’s work and rest.

if long-term sleep is reversed, it may lead to the decline of human immunity and resistance, and then the disorder of human biological clock and endocrine imbalance. Therefore, in order to maintain health, I hope you can form the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, which may help to repair the damaged immunity.

many people have developed the habit of taking a nap. In fact, it helps to maintain the energy in the afternoon and ensure the quality of work by taking a proper half-hour rest at noon every day. However, many people go to bed immediately after lunch.

I don’t know that this habit may also cause damage to health, because the blood in the body will be concentrated in the intestines and stomach to help the digestion of the intestines and stomach just after eating. At this time, if the sleep is too heavy, there may be insufficient blood supply to the brain or lack of oxygen in the brain.

in addition to the need to develop a reasonable and regular sleep time, many people are suffering from insomnia in the past two years. Here is an inventory of the causes of insomnia. I hope you can improve it as soon as possible, and maybe you can get a good night’s sleep.

bad mood may cause insomnia. If you are angry, depressed or depressed before going to bed, it may affect people’s healthy sleep.

therefore, I hope you can stay away from your mobile phone early before going to bed, try not to contact too many people, and listen to soothing music when lying in bed, which may help the arrival of sleep.

in the past two years, the pace of our life has gradually accelerated, and more young people are also suffering from the dual pressure of work and life. I don’t know that if the mental pressure is too high, insomnia may also occur.

therefore, I hope you can actively ease your emotions, help yourself to relieve stress, and cultivate some hobbies that you are interested in, which may help to relieve stress and let quality sleep find you.

lack of Qi and blood in the human body will lead to poor sleep quality. Therefore, we can appropriately eat some food to supplement qi and blood in our daily diet, which may help to maintain our health and make quality sleep come.

many young people don’t develop positive and reasonable work and rest habits, often stay up late or eat junk food, saying that they don’t know these bad habits may cause endocrine disorders.

if the endocrine imbalance is serious, it will also aggravate the symptoms of insomnia. I hope you can develop a positive and reasonable living habits, which may help to alleviate insomnia and let you have a good night’s sleep. 08/16/2020