People who advise you to give birth to babies will not tell you the truth. They will only know the bitterness after experiencing it

In life, some women don’t make up their minds and don’t know whether they should be pregnant or not. At this time, if women ask for help from others, they will probably hear such advice:

most onlookers will only persuade them to give birth. However, few people tell these women that it is not so easy to prepare for pregnancy and give birth to a baby. Even after giving birth to a baby, it still takes a hundred times the hard work of ordinary people to raise a successful baby.

there was a treasure mother who told her story. She recalled that when she was pregnant, her eyes were still full of tears. She said that she was not less white eyed by her husband’s family because she had been pregnant for three years before she finally got pregnant. During the period of

, she was born by her mother-in-law. She was ridiculed by her sister-in-law as a “hen who can’t lay eggs”, and was forced by her husband to drink medicine. Fortunately, I am finally pregnant.

when she was pregnant, she would vomit what she ate, and she would have to stay at home and cook every day. At the end of her pregnancy, her stomach was so big that she pressed her bladder, and she could only use diapers. Unfortunately, in June, the weather was too hot, she was allergic, and the situation was extremely bad.

especially on the day of delivery, the pain of tumbling mountains and seas made her cry hysterically. Finally, it was not easy to give birth to the baby.

she thought it was all over, but she found that her belly was so ugly that she couldn’t bear to look straight at her. So, can only open slowly repair Road, help oneself to regain self-confidence, repair injured belly.

along the way, her husband’s attitude towards her made her feel even colder. Since the birth of a child, the two have never been close. Although her husband is very kind to her children, her heart is extremely cold and full of disappointment to her marriage. This year, her husband asked for a second child, but she refused.

after giving birth to a baby, Ms. Wang has a lot of problems. Usually, she always feel back pain, a lot of hair loss, toilet urination. All in all, it’s all kinds of discomfort.

in the face of a crying child, Ms. Wang can only bite her teeth, get up several times a day and insist on feeding her baby. Because of the lack of sleep, Ms. Wang’s dark circles around her eyes worsened, her skin was dark and yellow, and she always loved to be sick.

such a day lasted for two months, and my husband couldn’t see it anymore. He wanted to ask a nanny to help with the baby. Unfortunately, Ms. Wang is not at ease. She still wants to do everything by herself.

Ms. Wang explained: I can’t help it. Being a mother is just like this. Originally, I was also a careless character, but I was more concerned about the children’s affairs, for fear that the children would suffer a little injustice.

make complaints about the consumption level after giving birth. Cosmetics do not dare to buy expensive, from 500 yuan of shampoo and care products, directly fell to 300 yuan, and then to the end, simply nothing, only wash the face with rice water, with ginger water shampoo.

in fact, this Baoma’s statement is not exaggerated. There is such a consumption chart on the Internet, which lists the amount of money a woman needs to spend during the whole process of pregnancy and childbirth, and then the child grows up.

in the infant stage, from pregnancy to childbirth, and then to the birth center, it takes about 20000-80000 for diet and education. The education and living expenses of children in their early childhood stage need about 30000 to 100000. The compulsory education and interest classes at the primary school stage cost about 20000 to 50000. In addition, it will cost more money in middle school and university.

apart from money, Baoma’s personal sacrifice and her concern for her children can’t be measured by money and can’t be fully counted.

in any case, please keep your mind and weigh the pros and cons to see if your physical condition, energy, time, money, manpower and other aspects can support you to have children, whether you can still live a good life after giving birth to a baby, and whether it does not affect your mood and life plan.

some people have a metaphor: having children is like besieging a city. People outside the city are ready to move, but the people in the city may be laughing at themselves. Like a fool, they choose to live a life of “looking for nothing”.

in a word, it’s just other people’s advice that you have a baby. As a party, we need to keep rational thinking and make a decision carefully. After all, children need to be born and raised by yourself.