People who are often angry are particularly vulnerable to illness? You may not believe it, but the facts will be clear to you

Introduction: everyone in the work and life of the pressure are particularly big, then it is easy to lead to a thing, that is, they will not be able to control, because some trivial things and angry. But in fact, anger doesn’t seem to solve any problems. And not only can not solve any problems, but also can cause serious harm to the body. Anger can lead to endocrine disorders, increase blood pressure, and even lead to many cerebrovascular diseases. Thus, it has a great impact on the normal operation of immune cell function, reducing the resistance and eventually leading to disease. < / P > < p > when angry, some toxic substances will be added to the blood of the brain. This toxic substance can cause irritation to the hair follicles of the skin and cause inflammation. If the inflammation becomes more severe, it can cause the problem of color spots. < / P > < p > because the thyroid gland secretes the most hormones, it is easy to cause thyroid problems when angry. Angry especially easy to lead to endocrine disorders, resulting in excessive thyroid hormone secretion, easy to cause hyperthyroidism. Anger and its harm to women’s health, we all know that angry people will hurt the liver, leading to depression. Especially when women are angry and depressed, it is easy to cause a lot of gynecological diseases. Common is irregular menstruation, menstruation in advance or delayed. Some women even end their menstruation in advance and enter menopause. What people fear most is that anger can cause breast diseases like breast nodules. < / P > < p > when you find yourself losing your temper, you can give yourself time. Once, scientists have studied that anger occurs in a moment, and the moment does not exceed 13 seconds. After this 13 seconds, the anger value will decrease a lot. Maybe we should have a new way to deal with this problem. < / P > < p > many people may only know that moderate exercise is good for weight loss, but in fact, exercise can also relieve mood. And exercise can promote physical health. Take part in some outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing, seeing the beautiful scenery outside, and breathing fresh air, you will become more comfortable. Then it’s easy to forget the anger. Whenever you find yourself angry, turn anger into motivation. Exercise can promote your health and keep yourself in a beautiful shape. Over time, your mood will get better and better. < / P > < p > take a look at the best picture in your heart. Everyone has a beautiful life in their hearts. Imagine being on the vast grassland and the vast blue sea with their relatives, friends and favorite pets. Repeat a few more deep breaths, the mood will become particularly comfortable. < / P > < p > it’s not easy to be calm and calm down. When you find yourself angry, you should drink water to calm yourself down. Angry people will damage the health of the liver, you can use some cow side root, cassia seed, chrysanthemum water to drink, is conducive to the health of the liver. < / P > < p > those who feel that it is difficult to prepare food materials can come and have a look at this tea bag. This kind of tea bag is already matched well, can save a lot of time, the effect is also very good. < p > < p > conclusion: even a person with a good temper will get angry even if he is annoyed to the extreme, so anger is a normal emotion. However, it is not only a skill but also a kind of cultivation to regulate one’s temper. Sometimes anger will not only harm health, but also harm relatives and friends. Therefore, when we are angry, we must repeatedly take deep breaths to calm ourselves down. Even if we are really angry, we should also think about whether we can change a solution to calm ourselves down and live a healthier and better lifestyle. CUISINE&HEALTH